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View Poll Results: Should we introduce fantasy club Academy Player Nominations in 2017

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    Thinking of proposing a new idea for our keeper league starting pre-season of 2017.
    The basic idea is to simulate something in our fantasy game that works for the live draft of how AFL clubs can nominate and then match bids on players gone through their academy system.

    In our keeper league fantasy game the proposal will be each club at list lodgement deadline for salary cap keepers can nominate two young players they let go into the pre-season draft pool as Academy Nominated players for their fantasy football club in ORFF

    How that would work is any players that in past years was listed on your rookie list or been on your own primary list for 2 years or more and under age of 23 as of 1st of March in the pre-season can be nominated as a Academy players for your fantasy football club. If another club announces them as a player they want to draft with their live pick you as nominee of that player can match that draft pick bid there and then with your next draft pick you have. So if your next pick is 7 picks later and someone wants to draft your 22 year old Charlie Cameron or Hoskin-Elliott you had for a few seasons you are able to secure that player in the draft despite your next pick was later in draft order. Essentially it will mean your pick moves up to that pick number and other picks move back a spot. The other coach that announced that player as draft pick knows it was a nominated academy player for your club and if you match his draft bid he simply then takes another pick next and draft moves on. If you do not match the bid he gets that player in draft and order moves on as it was.

    This means you can let up to two young players you may otherwise prefer to keep on list but salary cap squeeze meant you let go into draft pool and want to re-draft again but risk losing that player. This way you have some fall back on still possibly keeping that young player you put a number of years into developing but now finding it hard to keep with salary cap limit.

    So you can nominate two players as Academy players for your club into draft pool each pre-season from 2017 onwards.

    We vote on this as league coaches and if over 50% vote yes we bring it in for this pre-season. The poll is not compulsory here for us. As long as you let me know yes or no via email that should be enough but just wanted to give example of other proposals coming up in next day we will vote on as a league.
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