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  1. #1
    Join Date: 08-03-2012
    AFL Club: Essendon
    Posts: 24,241
    Likes: 12,043
    Rep Power: 9722

    4 Not allowed!

    Score: 2,465
    Weekly Rank: 29 918
    Overall Rank: 1,977 (from 1,740)
    Heroes: Danger (c), Titch, Fyfe, Sloane, Hibberd, Laird, Higgins, Nank, Greenwood
    Villains: SMartin, Dahlhaus, me
    Trades made: Jelwood to Zerrett
    Comments: I've been my biggest enemy of late with missed trades and not backing my judgement but even without Macrae/Docherty/Yeo/Ryder/Dusty this week i managed to hang on for 3 out of 5 unlikely prelim wins, including the prestigious SCS Premier League.

    Surprisingly still in the top 2k, and with all my lost points of late i know 1k aint gonna happen but gee if i'd be happy if i could hang on and finish with a 1xxx rank.
    SuperCoach:  1,895 (2017)  4,853 (2016)  5,202 (2015)  479 (2014)  7,684 (2013) 

    Highest overall ranking: 18th (Rd 18, 2014)

  2. #2
    50 Games Club
    Join Date: 04-07-2012
    AFL Club: North Melbourne
    Posts: 429
    Likes: 635
    Rep Power: 2976

    6 Not allowed!

    Score: 2,529
    Weekly Rank: 15,535
    Overall Rank: 2,200 (from 2,236)
    Heroes: Danger (c), T.Mitchell, Fyfe, Hibberd, Laird, Nank, Franklin, Greenwood, Macrae, D. Martin, Yeo, Shaw, Docherty, Adams
    Villains: Dahlhaus, Bont, Gawn, Rockliff, Lloyd
    Trades made: None
    Comments: Best score of the year but unfortunately only moved up 36 spots. Hopefully with 1 trade up my sleeve it's enough to get me into the top 2k. Read an AFL article yesterday saying Adams is in doubt with blurred vision, so if that's the case will most likely be trading to Zorko who could go quite big against North. Won 6/7 prelims i was in this week but unfortunately lost in SCSCL by nearly 100 points despite our teams having 19/22 of the same players. I guess i wont be adding another medal to the collection this year. Basically have 2nd spot and $200 sewn up in the 1 cash league i'm in. 350 points behind first but 500 points in front of 3rd. Versing 1st in the GF this week and the winner gets $100. So hoping if i can win 1 GF this week it's that one
    SuperCoach:  1958 (2017)  19 (2016)  229 (2015)  4659 (2014)  2434 (2013)  11811 (2012)  3350 (2011) 

    Coach of 'Danger Things'

  3. #3
    400 Games Club
    Join Date: 03-02-2014
    AFL Club: West Coast
    Posts: 1,883
    Likes: 1,196
    Rep Power: 3010

    2 Not allowed!

    Score: 2424
    Weekly Ranking: 39 917
    Overall Ranking: 18 578 (17 711)
    Heroes: Docherty, Laird, Dangerfield (C), Zorko, Fyfe, Beams, Nankervis, Macrae, Yeo, Present Me
    Villains: McDonald, Bontempelli (E), Past Me
    Trades Made: Young to Strnadica
    Trades Planned: Who knows.
    Trades Left: 2

    Trades: 7/10.

    The Young to Strnadica trade allowed me to loophole Gawn, and gave me a R/F DPP link again.

    Defence: 5/10

    Absolutely dreadful score from Tom McDonald dragged a reasonable showing into the doldrums, made even worse by the fact that he is a big POD. I loopholed Lloyd down back, and I was tossing up whether to play Witherden instead of his 81 - as it was, other matters made that decision a moot point. Shaw finally tonned up; Docherty was back to his brilliant best. Laird returned to his best form, and Adams posted another ton.

    Midfield: 7/10

    And the other matter rears its ugly head. I eventually decided to loophole in the midfield. Had the player I decided to loophole scored well, I wouldn't have been able to loophole in the ruck, or I would've had to play Witherden in place of Lloyd. As it was, as West Coast's Bayok was my loopholing agent, so I had to decide between Bontempelli or Treloar. I was going to go with Treloar, but the extra time that I would have had swung my choice towards Bontempelli, and boy did it pay off in a big way. For his part, Treloar had an excellent final term to post a reasonable score, Mountford did his part on the bench, but my POD Coniglio was under par. Rockliff had a good last term but was still disappointing, I didn't lose any points playing Witherden over Mountford. The rest of my midfield was excellent; Zorko brilliant early but slowed slightly under the attention of Melksham; Dangerfield powered on to another brilliant C score; Beams and Fyfe continued their magnificent late season form.

    Rucks: 7.5/10

    I thought Kreuzer was heading for another big score, but he slowed; I loopholed Gawn and decided to gamble on Nankervis in his place, and the gamble paid off. Funnily enough I had 3 trades in Real Dream team, so I got myself Gibbs (105), and benched JPK (130), with Gaff (63) on field. I swung Steele (110), up forward, keeping Greenwood (96), on the bench, with JJK (59), on field, which allowed me to put Gawn (65) on field, and Nankervis (140), on the bench. I lost 182 points just by those poor bench choices.

    Forwards: 8/10

    The Continuing Adventures of Jack Macrae had another high, with a brilliant 145 leading the line. Yeo finally hit the ton, after a run of decent scores that couldn't quite break the 100. JJK was below par, but can be forgiven as it was against one of the competition's best sides; Dahlhaus was below par, Heeney had a massive rally to post 90, and Greenwood did his bit from the emergency loophole.

    Overall: 7/10

    Well, easily my best score of the year and I still fall in the rankings. My big points of difference mostly disappointed, and despite just about nailing every on-field selection, my previous trade decisions continue to bit me. I also have to deal with an annoyance in the draw, as McDonald and Witherden play at the same time, so I cannot loophole the two.

    I will have to decide on how best to use my final two trades.
    SuperCoach:  21527 (2017)  7909 (2016)  10605 (2015)  5980 (2014)  9852 (2013)  21041 (2012) 

  4. #4
    200 Games Club
    Join Date: 25-01-2013
    AFL Club: Essendon
    Posts: 1,146
    Likes: 805
    Rep Power: 2992

    2 Not allowed!

    Score: 2467
    Weekly rank: 29,442
    Overall: 18,623 (from 18,704)
    Heroes: Danger, Fyfe, Macrae, Doc, Dusty, Laird, Ryder, Greenwood, Yeo
    Villains: Gawn, Stefan, Lloyd, Treloar, RGray, Dahl, Heeney

    Solid week, just above par so able to make the slightest jump up. Not good enough to win any prelims. Not having Titchell has been a sword through the heart in a season where so many usually reliable mids have been not-so-reliable.
    Going to watch Essendon play next week so hopefully we win and make finals and I can end the SC season on a good note (PODs please have a massive week).

    Onwards and upwards, community!
    SC: 20,758 (2017) 5,469 (2016) 34,935 (2015) 21,740 (2014) 16,000 (2013) 5,200 (2012)
    RDT: 1,810 (2017) 6,949 (2016) 2,059 (2015)
    BBL DT: 131 (16/17) 1,949 (17/18)
    BBL SC: 420 (16/17)
    Drafter AFLW: 37 (2017)

    Get Schwifty

  5. #5
    Dual Best & Fairest
    Join Date: 18-06-2012
    AFL Club: Melbourne
    Posts: 3,268
    Likes: 1,085
    Rep Power: 4313

    5 Not allowed!

    Score: 2,553
    Overall: 2,263 (from 2,463)
    Heroes: Docherty, Hibberd, Laird, Martin D, Mitchell (C), Zorko, Sloane, Macrae, Ryder, Yeo, Nankervis, Greenwood
    Villains: Rockliff, Martin, Dahlhaus

    Lots of hero's and not many villians makes for a pretty good week, I guess, unfortunately judging by the rankings gain, so did most other teams. One week to go, hopefully can rise into top 2,000. Best score for the year comfortably so pretty happy.
    SuperCoach:  2263 (2017)  8447 (2016)  292 (2015)  3718 (2014)  3958 (2013)  731 (2012) 

    Coach of the Mighty Goulburn Valley Vikings (SCDL 2015 Premiers and SCDL 2014 Div 2 Runners-up)

  6. #6
    400 Games Club
    Join Date: 21-03-2012
    AFL Club: Carlton
    Posts: 1,882
    Likes: 935
    Rep Power: 3505

    2 Not allowed!

    Score: 2,479
    Weekly Rank: 26,469
    Overall Rank: 24,173 (from 24,796)
    Heroes: Doch, Laird, Simmo, Danger, Titch, Fyfe, JPK, Ryder, Macrae, Dixon
    Villains: Howe, Parker, Gray, Gawn Richie POD Douglas.
    Trades made: What are these?
    Comments: Easily highest score for the year, guess I won't get a 2,500 this year. Continues my run of just above or below par scores since the byes, made one GF in family league so bragging rights up for grabs, good luck all for the final stanza.

  7. #7
    Join Date: 19-06-2012
    AFL Club: Collingwood
    Posts: 5,168
    Likes: 3,163
    Rep Power: 6263

    0 Not allowed!

    Score: 2,339
    Rank: 31,899 (from 28,000ish)
    Heroes: My team did well, with Neale, Selwood and Lynch on the bench was a good effort Ainsworth, Witherden and Hannan replacing them. Bont, Rocky, Martin, Gawn no good.
    Comments: Been my worst season by a long way. Picked the wrong ones getting premiums in, too many LTIs, ran out of trades. Very disappointing.
    Last edited by Courtesans; 21-08-2017 at 8:12pm.
    SuperCoach:  755 (2016)  3,658 (2015)  1,894 (2013)  43 (2012)  AFL Dream Team:  170 (2016) 

    "Do Something." (John Kennedy 1975)

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