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  1. #21
    Join Date: 19-03-2012
    AFL Club: Melbourne
    Posts: 15,726
    Likes: 13,680
    Rep Power: 24329

    8 Not allowed!


    Overall Ranking: 4,268th
    Highest Ranking: 644th (Rnd 14)
    Lowest Ranking: 20,020th (Rnd 3)

    Highest Weekly Ranking: 1,153rd (Rnd 13)
    Lowest Weekly Ranking: 86,299th (Rnd 3)

    Highest Weekly Score: 2,395th (Rnd 22)
    Lowest Weekly Score: 1,859th (Rnd 11)

    Best Initial Selections
    1. Starting the Sandi/Witts combo, with Nank at F4.
    2. T Adams, despite many saying he was "injury prone".
    3. Dangerfield, popular, expensive, but a good starting pick.

    Worst Initial Selections
    1. J Smith (Coll), a poor selection as a value pick.
    2. C Mills (over Lloyd!)
    3. G Horlin-Smith

    Best Sliding Door Decisions in Initial Selection
    1. Not taking Dahlhaus, because he was "too popular".
    2. Avoiding JOM, Roughie and Swallow. Too popular, too risky. Double Whammy!
    3. Avoiding Gawn/Goldie.

    Best Trade:
    1. Nank to Kreuzer (Rnd 12)
    2. Shaw to Docherty (Rnd 12)
    3. GHS to Oliver (Rnd 3)

    Worst Trade:
    1. Yeo (Rnd 14) 1 missed game, 95 ave, paid $525k. Could have got Macrae $20k cheaper, ave 19 higher!
    2. Hannebery to Rockliff (Rnd 2) Hannes out was good, Rocky in was bad!
    3. Steele to Lynch (Rnd 13), after trading Lynch out (to WHE) in Rnd 3!

    The season tracked pretty much as I wanted it to, until I started to get a wobble around the end of the byes, and fell apart at the end, with my last 8 trades (used between Rnds 13 and 21) producing 5 or 6 poor-poorish results. Looking at it, I have no one but myself to blame. I set some "goals and rules" at the start of the season, and things only started to go pear-shaped, when I started to break those rules, and move away from those goals.
    I decided at the start of the season I was going to target slingshot trading during the byes, and managed to go from 4,000th to 660th during the byes, on the back of some good slingshotting, as shown by Round 12 trades listed above.
    I also decided at the start of the season, I wasn't going to trade in popular players, unless they looked like "must haves" of the Dangerfield/Docherty calibre. I'd also decided I would follow an old SC rule, of never trading back in a player, I had already traded out. These were the goals/rules I broke, and this is where the wheels fell off my season! Trading in Yeo in Rnd 14, when I knew in my heart and head he wasn't a must have, and trading Lynch back in, in Rnd 13, after trading him out in Rnd 3. While at the time I could justify it in my head, if I had made choices that stuck to my initial goals/rules, I would have been SO much better off!

    6/10. Started with a modest and what I hoped was realistic goal, of making the top 2,000 by seasons end. Got in there, but couldn't hang on! Only ended the season with 6 of my intended starting 12 "definite" Keepers in my team. Only 2 of the missing 6 left due to injury, so the other 4 were just poor picks. There were 4 trades used on injured Prems during the season, so in that regard, I was probably better off than most here.
    I will continue to avoid starting/trading-in players that seem too popular, compared to how I perceive their relative chances of success, just like Dahlhaus this season. That would also apply to the likes of Bontempele and Sloane early this season. I will never understand people ruining plans and structures, to try and trade in $600k+ players, particularly in the first 6 to 8 Rounds. Sloane was $675k after Round 8, and averaging 118. Why on Earth would you effectively pay 135/game for a player with his history?! $600k represents 120/game, once we are into the season, and if you are going to trade in players at that price, they need to be Dangerfield type players, you didn't start with for some reason!
    There is no doubt, you can compete with the Cookie Cutter teams, if your team is "otherwise" structured. Have the must haves like Dangerfield/Docherty, but be harsh on who you deem to be a must have! Especially if it's a JOM, or Roughie or Swallow type!
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    We're goin' to need a bigger boat...

  2. #22
    Join Date: 25-07-2012
    AFL Club: Essendon
    Posts: 53
    Likes: 32
    Rep Power: 504

    4 Not allowed!

    Team Name JBFC

    Overall Ranking: 26183
    Highest Ranking: 22066
    Lowest Ranking: 71050

    Highest Weekly Ranking: 4964
    Lowest Weekly Ranking: 71050

    Highest Weekly Score: 2526 (Rd22)
    Lowest Weekly Score: 1619 (Rd11)

    Best Initial Selections
    1. Patrick Dangerfield
    2. Tom Mitchell

    Worst Initial Selections
    1. H.Shaw. Obv.
    2. D.Hannebery. Was tossing up between him and Pendles all preseason. Talk of a pendles injury steered me towards hanners. Couldn’t get rid of him all year.
    3. O’Meara/Swallow combo.

    Best Sliding Door Decisions in Initial Selection
    1. Danger over GAJ

    Best Trade:
    1. McGrath to Doch.
    2. Florent to N.Newman. Shouldve started with newman over florent but a good correction trade that netted plenty of points and dollars
    3. Parson to Dusty. One of my final upgrades, maxed out the cash cow and bought in a super prem. (shouldve bought dusty in a lot sooner!)

    Worst Trade:
    1. Swallow to Rocky (Rd6 @ $634K) – nothing but misery from bringing in Rocky. Kept waiting for the love and it never came.
    2. Fyfe to J.Selwood. Fyfe came good from this point on and Selwood struggled with scores and injuries
    3. S.Selwood to R.Gray. Robbie let me down from here on.

    A very disappointing year for JBFC. First time finishing outside the top 10K.
    Lots of mediocre performances from historically good players in addition to some bad trades.
    2018 here we come

    Self-Assessment: 4/10
    SuperCoach:  2784 (2016) 

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    350 Games Club
    Join Date: 13-03-2012
    AFL Club: Adelaide
    Posts: 1,616
    Likes: 1,052
    Rep Power: 2722

    7 Not allowed!

    Team Name Hondo SCC

    Overall Ranking: 2,252
    Highest Ranking: 758 (after R7)
    Lowest Ranking: 15,135 (after R1)

    Highest Weekly Ranking: 3,791 (R7)
    Lowest Weekly Ranking: 53,953 (R9)

    Highest Weekly Score: 2,496 (R22)
    Lowest Weekly Score: 1,802 (R11)

    Best Initial Selections
    1. Patrick Dangerfield
    2. Patty Ryder
    3. Jarrod Witts

    Worst Initial Selections
    1. Heath Shaw (best is past him, should have picked Doch instead)
    2. Daniel Hannebery (shedded R3 but brought back later in the season for similar results)
    3. Jaeger O’Meara (why do we keep picking these types?)
    4. Adam Treloar (just never got going)

    Best Sliding Door Decisions in Initial Selection
    1. Late trade in of Ryder when I was pretty hot on NRoo

    Worst sliding Door Decisions in Initial Selection
    1. Shaw over Doch
    2. Hannas/Treoar over Mitchell

    Best Trade:
    1. Pendles --> Fyfe (R18)
    2. Sandi-->Doch (R12)
    3. Swallow-->Buddy (R3)

    Worst Trade:
    1. Beams-->Rocky (R8) (got his 149 or so but that was the game he did his shoulder and I held him all season rather than immediately trading)
    2. Newman @ $261K-->Black (R7) (missed Newman's subsequent big scores and price rise, Black played 2 games for me - the missed Newman cap compromised my later mid upgrades)
    3. Stewart-->Merrett @ $595K (my last big mid upgrade and I passed over Titch and Dusty at similar prices who went on to be crucial at the end while Zerrett fell in a hole until R23)

    I was disappointed to not capitalise on what was pretty close to what I think was the optimal starting team. I started Witts, Sandi, Ryder, Nank, WHE, Marchbank and Butler so didn't need any correction trades. Unfortunately I dropped to 2,147 after R9 and simply couldn't make up any ground after that. The main cause was Rocky who (1) I traded in for Beams who came back early and gunned it and (2) who I held over his injury and then for the rest of the year causing 50+ points leakages most weeks compared to Titch and Dusty who I didn't get in.

    I worked out that the 400-500 points lost on Rocky cost me top 400 or even higher finish. Treloar and Hannas while under-performing and frustrating did not leak points like Rocky did. Unfortunately for most of the second half of the season I had Hannas, Treloar, Merrett and Rocky all under-performing and didn't have any of Murphy, Titch (until R22), Dusty or Kelly. I also copped Neale's 44 in R21.

    On the other lines I started or traded in all the right guys that were needed at pretty much the right times. Just muddled my mid upgrades.

    Self-Assessment: 7/10 (good starting team but just a couple of wrong calls with mid upgrades cost me top 200)
    SuperCoach:  2252 (2017)  1238 (2016)  3623 (2015)  737 (2014)  2166 (2013)  15055 (2012)  3207 (2011)  3009 (2010)  356 (2009) 

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    100 Games Club
    Join Date: 25-04-2013
    AFL Club: Richmond
    Posts: 654
    Likes: 475
    Rep Power: 1564

    1 Not allowed!

    Team Name: Satan's Finest

    Overall Ranking: 6,047
    Highest Ranking: 995 [rd 2]
    Lowest Ranking: 7,468 [rd 8]

    Highest Weekly Ranking: 43 [rd 2]
    Lowest Weekly Ranking: 93,352 [rd 7]

    Highest Weekly Score: 2424 [rd 2!]
    Lowest Weekly Score: 1765 [rd 13]

    Best Initial Selections
    1. JKelly
    2. Doch
    3. Macrae [special mention Witts til injury]

    Worst Initial Selections
    1. O'Meara
    2. Roughead
    3. Fyfe [!]

    Best Sliding Door Decisions in Initial Selection
    1. jkelly over pendles
    2. laird over shaw
    3. witts over sandi

    Best Trade:
    1. Cripps to Dusty [rd 2]
    2. JPK to MCrouch [rd 20]
    3. lol i had a **** year for trades

    Worst Trade:
    1. Fyfe to Jelwood [rd 13]
    2. Newman to EVW [rd 7]
    3. Grundy to Gawn [rd 21 lol]


    Well, ended a bit flat after being in top 3k most of the year, had a pretty bad run of form, suspensions and injuries post-byes which was a bummer as i had only left myself 7 trades.
    didn't have any big scores, but finished higher than i have before in seasons with 2500+ scores. My season peaked in round 2 lol, which was a highlight getting my best ever round rank of 43rd.


    not bad, not great. as always, i learnt a lot- chiefly i need to relax a little on the cash gen early, and don't be afraid to make more than some magic quota of correction trades, as i let oliver and hibberd go, over-focussing on cashcows.

    didn't nail any form explosions like walters or kreuzer, in fact generally my premiums declined in form over the year [looking at you bont!] and ones i traded in went pfffft.

    SuperCoach:  6,047 (2017)  37,086 (2016)  7,145 (2015)  17,652 (2014)  70k (2013) 

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    100 Games Club
    Join Date: 08-09-2013
    AFL Club: Hawthorn
    Posts: 679
    Likes: 403
    Rep Power: 2898

    2 Not allowed!

    Team Name: Evolution FC

    Overall Ranking: 969
    Highest Ranking: 806 [rd 22]
    Lowest Ranking: 22,370 [rd 1]

    Highest Weekly Ranking: 1,953 [rd 17]
    Lowest Weekly Ranking: 84,220 [rd 6]

    Highest Weekly Score: 2,560 [rd 22]
    Lowest Weekly Score: 1,702 [rd 13]

    Best Initial Selections
    1. Docherty
    2. Danger
    3. Adams

    Worst Initial Selections
    1. JOM
    2. Smith (Melb)
    3. Eddy

    To Update

    Best Sliding Door Decisions in Initial Selection

    Best Trade:

    Worst Trade:


    SuperCoach:  969 (2017)  7715 (2016)  101 (2015)  5,297 (2014)  10,361 (2013)  12,281 (2012)  5,637 (2011)  27,672 (2010)  12,436 (2009) 

    Best Supercoach Ranking
    Round 23 2015: 101 from 224,129 coaches

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    Join Date: 28-05-2014
    AFL Club: Collingwood
    Posts: 23
    Likes: 8
    Rep Power: 227

    4 Not allowed!

    With the benefit of a few weeks to reflect here goes:

    Team Name : Bailers

    Overall Ranking: 752
    Highest Ranking:752 (round 23)
    Lowest Ranking: 55579 (round 1)

    Highest Weekly Ranking: 61940 (round 10)
    Lowest Weekly Ranking: 502 (round 3)

    Highest Weekly Score: 2496 (round 22 , got my highest score for the year yet dropped out of the top 1000 and lost a couple of preliminary finals)
    Lowest Weekly Score: 2079 (round 10) Averaged 1863 through the byes so was quite happy with that.

    Best Initial Selections
    1. Docherty
    2. Danger
    3. McCrae
    Pretty common, but started the best players on their lines so can’t go wrong there.
    Lesson learnt: Start the rolled gold best premos on their lines regardless of price

    Worst Initial Selections
    1. Hannebury. Mainly went with Hanners as a POD because he was low % selection at the start of the season, was aware of his knee problems from the Grand Final. Looked OK in the pre-season
    Lesson learnt: Be wary of players coming off post season surgery.

    2. Shaw
    Lesson learnt: Beware of the ageing warrior, especially at top dollar

    3. Rockliff
    Lesson learnt: Rocky never fails to burn my team
    Hope these lessons are learnt. Hanners and Rocky will both look enticing as discount mids for next year

    Best Sliding Door Decisions in Initial Selection
    1. Settling on Sandi-Witts as the starting ruck combo ahead of a more expensive combo.
    Lesson learnt: Set & forget isn’t necessarily the best option
    2. Starting with Nank over Rough or a discount mid such as Swallow or JOM

    Best Trade:
    1.Sandi – Kruezer (R12)
    Did a bit of homework on Kruezer at the time and worked out a low score against GC round 4 , missed game round 5 and quiet return game round 6, could probably be put down to soreness. The rest of his season had been exceptional and it looked as if he’d regained his mojo. Remained a good POD for the rest of the season
    Lesson learnt 1: back your research.
    Lesson learnt 2: Every year the rucks seem to throw up a new challenger and by about round 10 you can pick who it is

    2. Butler – Ryder (round 10)
    Although Ryder panned out much better than expected, it was definately a bye conscious trade in. Lesson learnt: Make the most of the opportunity around bye trading

    3. Houston – Dusty (round 8)
    It just seemed apparent from the first game of the year that Dusty was about to go ”next level”. Had him targeted from then and was lucky to get him at a still lowish price after a quiet round 4. Would definitely have got him at his lowest price a couple of weeks earlier if it wasn’t for his bye
    Lesson learnt: If it just looks as if a player is about to go “mega-star” jump on.

    Worst Trade:
    1. Newman- Melican (round 7)
    Newman was a late in the following week and smashed out 151 and could’ve made an extra 130 grand out of him
    Lesson learnt: Be careful with trading out rookies with huge negative break evens even if they have been dropped for the second time in the season (but then again there is Eddy!)

    2. Stewart- Bontempelli (round 15) Could’ve kicked myself for getting the Bont. It was a positive POD not having him. I thought he’d just had a lean patch and was about to explode. Was cheap at the time but that was for a reason
    Lesson learnt 1: If a player gets to a discount price because of an extended run of poor scores watch out. Much better to look for a bargain coming from a one-off low score or an injury score.
    Lesson learnt 2: The POD of not having a popular underperformer is really handy.

    3. Melican- Lloyd (round 14)
    As soon as Lloyd scored 4 in his concussion game it was all over the forums how cheap he would be in a couple of weeks. At that stage of the season raising enough cash for a decent finishing team was looking a bit dodgy, so I went with the masses and targeted Lloyd as well
    Lesson Learnt 1:. Beware of Supercoach “group think”.
    Lesson Learnt 2: Evidence suggests heavy concussions seem to have an on-going effect for the remainder of the season
    Lesson Learnt 3: You shouldn’t panic and compromise to get a “full premo” side. Could’ve gotten say a Hibberd around the same time for about 70 grand more for much better results

    Despite a horrible start my team was able to get down to around 1000 by the end of the byes. Unfortunately, it just hovered around that mark for the rest of the year. I was waiting for that one big week that would catapult me up the rankings, but it just didn’t come. Had too many ordinary in my starting team that I kept all year

    Was an alright year. Only won one comp which was SCS08. I did a good job of bye planning and early trading was only geared to raising cash or upgrading. However, I was too conservative with trades in the middle of the season. I could have jumped off Hanners, Shaw, Rocky, Nank post byes and still completed my team.

    PS Are there any medals for top 1000 or winning a SCS league this year?
    SuperCoach:  752 (2017)  11787 (2016)  518 (2015)  3296 (2014) 

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