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    Please copy and paste this on WordPad or NotePad and make changes.

    Do not make changes while logged on as you might get an unpleasant surprise if it times out or if you log out accidentally.

    Team Name

    Overall Ranking:
    Highest Ranking:
    Lowest Ranking:

    Highest Weekly Ranking:
    Lowest Weekly Ranking:

    Highest Weekly Score:
    Lowest Weekly Score:

    Best Initial Selections

    Worst Initial Selections

    Best Sliding Door Decisions in Initial Selection

    Best Trade:

    Worst Trade:



    Attachment: Full Year Team History and Trades
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    "God bless fantasy football. There are many things a man can do with his time. This... is better than those things." - Pete

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    2016 Example

    Quote Originally Posted by Impromptu View Post

    SuperCoach Scores 2016

    Overall Ranking: 14,754
    Highest Ranking: 8,224 (r15)
    Lowest Ranking: 46,724 (r4)

    Highest Weekly Ranking: 126 (r9)
    Lowest Weekly Ranking: 93,356 (r4)

    Highest Weekly Score: 2,563 (r23, Last Round went out with a Bang!)
    Lowest Weekly Score: 1,925 (r4, Don't include MBRs)

    Best Initial Selections
    1. Sam Docherty
    2. Kade Simpson
    3. Patrick 'Brownlow Medal' Dangerfield

    Worst Initial Selections
    1. Sidebottom (reported first week; yeah thanks mate; after dominating first half)
    2. Yeo Yeo (this guy!! 29 in round 23; luckily traded this guy out
    3. Rockliff (was a gamble due to injury concerns)

    Best Sliding Door Decisions in Initial Selection
    1. I think Docherty over extended rookies
    2. Same as above but with Simpson
    3. Can't think of another

    Worst Sliding Door Decisions in Initial Selection
    1. Was Paranoid of Pendlebury's ribs and chose Sidebottom as a POD who got suspended for 2 week in first week
    2. No Zach Merrett as even Fantasy Freako (aka Champion data) is a must and I was considering it too
    3. Keeping Yeo Yeo as I was flipping between him as some say Yeo is has the physique and tank as Fyfe (yeah right mate?)

    Best Trade:
    1. Yeo to Hartley (rd3, I would have vented every second week if I kept Yeo)
    2. Simpkin to Zorko (rd8, the Mask of Zorko)
    3. M.Brown to Sam Collins (rd12, Collins has been very solid)

    Worst Trade:
    1. Sidebottom to Aish IN (rd2) and Aish OUT (rd5)- Thanks for scores of 48, 51, 61
    2. Rockliff to Blicavs (rd4) – This POD has been painful to watch L
    3. Howard to Deledio (rd 14) – Thanks for scores of 110, 99, 91 67 and out for season


    When you don’t start or have Gawn you are GONE.

    When you don’t start Mr Dependable due to Ribs Rumours then you are really Gawn!

    Also Zach Merrett pretty much destroy my season.

    When you be creative starting with Sidebottom (suspended for 2 weeks in first round), have Jed Anderson and Jonathon Simpkin as PODs who get LTI early in the year; your season is pretty much in trouble.

    3 PODS 3 Crosses.

    Then you have Rockliff who gets injured early and you have to trade him out.

    Then Yeo Yeo the so-called next Fyfe is in your team and you trade Yeo out; story just gets worst.

    The only thing I’m pretty happy is the Blues Duo in Sam Docherty and Kade Simpson (and I’m an Essendon supporter).

    While my 3 negative PODs in Sidebottom, Anderson, Simpkin made it a tough start; the fact is in hindsight without Gawn, Zach Merrett and Pendles it was always going to be a touch season.

    Looking forward to 2017!!

    Self-Assessment: 3/10
    SuperCoach:  937 (2017)  5036 (2016)  AFL Dream Team:  989 (2017) 

    "God bless fantasy football. There are many things a man can do with his time. This... is better than those things." - Pete

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    Vice Captain
    Join Date: 23-05-2013
    AFL Club: Sydney
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    Rep Power: 6486

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    Team Name: Surry Hillbillies

    Overall Ranking: 4,020
    Highest Ranking: 1,233 (R16)
    Lowest Ranking: 43,899 (R2)

    Highest Weekly Ranking: 962 (R15)
    Lowest Weekly Ranking: 76,952 (R2)

    Highest Weekly Score: 2,544 (R22)
    Lowest Weekly Score: 1,693 (R12 Bye) or 2039 (R4)

    Best Initial Selections
    1. Tom Mitchell
    2. Dangerfield
    3. Taylor Adams

    Worst Initial Selections
    1. Heath Shaw (over Doch)
    2. Todd Goldstein
    3. My rookies

    Best Sliding Door Decisions in Initial Selection
    1. Tom Mitchell
    2. Picking Danger
    3. No Jaeger, Swallow etc.

    Best Trade:
    1. Martin in R9
    2. Goldstein to Witts in R2
    3. Docherty in too late, but still

    Worst Trade:
    1. Pendlebuy to Connor Blakely (who scored 7, got injured and was out for season)
    2. Tom Lynch (who is ****)
    3. Bontempelli (who is a charlatan)


    I didn’t much enjoy this season, to be honest.. Well, I enjoyed the middle where I made some headway but by then I’d had to burn so many trades to overcome missing some key rookies.
    I planned well for the byes but still got burnt because I was too rigid. Need to be a bit more flexible, pick up a bargain over a sure thing some times.
    I think I’ve learnt a bit, and looking forward to next year already.

    Self-Assessment: 4/10
    SuperCoach:  4020 (2017)  1400 (2016)  1017 (2015)  7654 (2014) 

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    Brownlow Medalist
    Join Date: 11-11-2012
    AFL Club: Essendon
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    8 Not allowed!

    Team Name: Jibrangers

    Overall Ranking: 3775
    Highest Ranking: 969 (R12)
    Lowest Ranking: 45,142 (R1)

    Highest Weekly Ranking:
    1061 (R10)
    Lowest Weekly Ranking: 50,388 (R19)

    Highest Weekly Score: 2396 (R22)
    Lowest Weekly Score: 1645 (R13)

    Best Initial Selections
    1. Docherty (over Shaw)
    2. Adams
    3. Laird

    Worst Initial Selections
    1. Nick Riewoldt
    2. JOM
    3. Treloar

    Best Sliding Door Decisions in Initial Selection
    1. Doch (over Shaw)
    2. Not Gawn
    3. Nank?

    Best Trade:
    1. Hibberd in R12 (averaged 100+)
    2. Buddy in R8 (averaged 100+)
    3. Heeney in R9

    Worst Trade:

    1. Higgins to Lynch in R12 (cost me points and two trades)
    2. Spencer In and Out
    3. Bont in R8 (averaged 96 and cost 610k)
    Others (gonna list them all): Goldy (R10), Grundy (R7), Yeo (R16), JPK (R13), Zerrett (R18), Gray (R21) - all bad (Zerrett maybe forgiven last round). Lloyd and Rance quite average too.

    Reasonably happy with the season. Just traded into the wrong guys but I probably would've made similar decisions if I had my time again (with the exception of one *cough* Lynch). I thought I did well early on with my trading to break into the top 1k around the byes after starting at 45k. But my trades around byes were all very poor. Higgins to Lynch was my one absolute shocker. Wasted TWO trades (as Lynch ended up getting injured and Higgins didn't) and cost me points. It was my one really reckless move and it cost me big time. Not having Titch, Dusty, Ryder, Kelly and Oliver in the second half of the season saw me continue falling down.

    Didn't learn much from this season in all honesty. Just that what you get from someone is a bit of luck. Grabbed Bont and Zerrett when they were in great form but got nothing. Overlooked Titch, Dusty, Oliver, Kelly all year thinking they'd eventually peg back. Also JPK got injured when I got him. Pendles and Selwood both toppled over late. I'll back myself again for next year and perhaps look for that one bolter in the mids or fwds. Heeney was great this year!

    Self-Assessment: 5/10 - average
    Supercoach: 3775 (2017) 530 (2016) 1858 (2014) 805 (2013) 4220 (2011) 574 (2010) Real Dreamteam: 74 (2017) 1225 (2016) 335 (2015) 518 (2014)

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    Best and Fairest
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    AFL Club: Port Adelaide
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    4 Not allowed!

    Can't bring myself to do this one this year. Spent 8 trades on the ruck which I think shows the season in a nutshell. Finished 27k, my worst season since my inaugural year.
    SuperCoach:  12499 (2015)  5015 (2014)  22 (2013)  10k (2012)  20k (2011) 

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    Michael Tuck Club
    Join Date: 31-03-2014
    AFL Club: Brisbane
    Posts: 2,170
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    Rep Power: 5558

    6 Not allowed!


    Overall Ranking: 17,248
    Highest Ranking: 14,433
    Lowest Ranking: 66,148

    Highest Weekly Ranking: 884
    Lowest Weekly Ranking: 84,485

    Highest Weekly Score: 2,491
    Lowest Weekly Score: 1,768

    Best Initial Selections
    1. Danger
    2. Josh Kelly
    3. Laird ??

    Worst Initial Selections
    1. Gaz
    2. Heater
    3. Roughie
    4. Rance
    5. T Lynch

    Best Sliding Door Decisions in Initial Selection
    1. Kelly as my POD
    2. No Swallow, O’Meara
    3. Danger (you can see how desperate I am to find a 3rd)

    Best Trade:
    1. Gaz to Dusty (rd10) Dusty was $526k
    2. Shaw to Doc (rd13) (Doc was $604k but worth every penny!)
    3. Myers to Hibberd (rd12) ($472k)

    Worst Trade:
    1. Sandi to Goldy (rd10)
    2. Rance to Wallis (rd12)
    3. Fyfe to Selwood? (rd13)

    Just missed the boat on so many rookies, chose the wrong premos, and missed some mid price picks like Nank. Never generated the cash required to upgrade properly so looked for bottom priced premos, R Gray, L Parker, M Wallis, who never hit the heights of $550k+ premo’s. Lowest rank in 4 years which is telling as I thought I’d worked it out and now it’s back to the drawing board. Luck plays a part for sure but to me starting team sets you up for the year! Have made an observation previously that SCS is well down on previous years. Is this because we listen to each other and influence each other considerably?! Will be more aggressive next year and have checked off certain demographics.

    Self-Assessment: 3/10 – still enjoyed every minute. I’ve been doing a huge home reno and new high pressure job so no time! Next year I’ll be more settled and back in the game!!!! Thanks to all for advice and comradery!!
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    Vice Captain
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    AFL Club: Essendon
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    8 Not allowed!

    Team Name: Led Zimmermen X

    Overall Ranking: 49395
    Highest Ranking: 35576
    Lowest Ranking: 68214

    Highest Weekly Ranking: 23887
    Lowest Weekly Ranking: 97514

    Highest Weekly Score: 2435
    Lowest Weekly Score: 1401

    Best Initial Selections
    1. Danger
    2. N/A
    3. N/A

    Worst Initial Selections
    1. Riewoldt
    2. Gawn
    3. Shaw
    4. Rance (over Adams)
    5. O'meara
    6. Rough

    Best Sliding Door Decisions in Initial Selection
    N/A only bad ones:
    1.Rance over Adams
    2.Shaw over Doch

    Best Trade:
    1. Ryder (Rd 7)
    2. J. Selwood
    3. Doch

    Worst Trade:
    1. Gawn to Spencer
    2. Harbrow (got him in just before his ban)
    3. Missed trade for Kruezer (this non-trade takes the cake. Would have finished 20-30k had I not missed it)

    SUMMARY: Just a disaster. Worst year I've ever had. Started badly and couldn't claw my way back. Especially frustrating after my best year last year. Started with too many risky prospects - O'meara, Rough, Beams, Riewoldt - and missed most of the key midpricers that became the crucial factor of this season, or had to trade them in. Many of the 'proven' players I picked, other than Danger, proved to no longer be SC viable or stunk it up: Shaw, Rance, Treloar et al. I had a bit of bad luck with injuries, but poor trading and silly mistakes compounded what was a very flawed initial team. Looking forward to next season when I can hopefully make amends.

    Self-Assessment: 0.5/10
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    SuperCoach:  49395 (2017)  352 (2016)  5675 (2015)  5778 (2014) 

    2018 Coach of: Led Zimmermen XI

    Highest Position: 301 - Rd 16 Season 2016

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    Dual Best & Fairest
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    AFL Club: West Coast
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    9 Not allowed!

    Team Name: Brownie’s Bandits

    Overall Ranking: 31,054
    Highest Ranking: 1,872 (R2)
    Lowest Ranking: 31,054 (R23)

    Highest Weekly Ranking: 3,464 (R5)
    Lowest Weekly Ranking: 106,721 (R23)

    Highest Weekly Score: 2,388 (R18)
    Lowest Weekly Score: 1,608 (R13)

    Best Initial Selections
    1. Dangerfield
    2. Witts
    3. Can’t think of another

    Worst Initial Selections
    1. Shaw By A Mile!!
    2. O’Meara
    3. Treloar

    Best Sliding Door Decisions in Initial Selection
    1. Witts over Gawn
    2. Can’t think of another

    Best Trade:
    1. Barrett to Witherden (R15)
    2. Every other trade this season was a massive fail

    Worst Trade:
    1. Sandi to Rockliff (R12) - Rockliff was putrid after trade in
    2. Steele to Lynch (R13) - Lynch horrific after trade in and cost me 3 donuts in R21-23
    3. S.Sewood to Wallis (R14) - Wallis pathetic after trade in, cost me 2 donuts in R22-23
    4. Beams to Sloane (R7)
    5. The other 26 trades not listed


    Absolutely horrific season in every single way, had shocking luck, terrible injuries and horrifying trading.

    I’m completely and utterly embarrassed by my performance this year.

    Been playing SC since the beginning in 2006, and have never ever had a season this bad or even close to this bad before. Round 23 topped it off putting in my worst ever weekly result!!

    Starting with Shaw over Docherty put a nail in my season right from the start, as did not selecting Adams thinking he would get injured,

    Was going pretty well sitting at 2,130 overall after 7 rounds then it all went wrong starting with copping Sloane’s 70 as Captain in R8. Then copped Lloyd’s 4 on field in R10 and Selwood’s 3 on field in R14.

    Was copping donuts galore at the end of the season with Lynch, Selwood, Witts & Wallis closing up shop early and no trades to fix them.

    Trading was horrific and barely had a win all season…

    Traded Rocky in who was avg 123 before I got him to get a return of just 78 avg for the remainder of the season.
    Traded Bontempelli in who was avg 131 before I got him to get a return of just 101 avg after I traded him in.
    Traded Sloane in who was avg 132 before I got him to get a return of just 102 avg after I traded him in.
    Traded Zorko in who was avg 117 before I got him to get a return of just 98 avg after I traded him in.
    Traded Ebert in who was avg 106 before I got him to get a return of just 83 avg after I traded him in.
    Traded Wallis in who was avg 104 before I got him to get a return of just 80 avg after I traded him in… Wallis was traded in over Macrae which cost me 503 points by itself!!
    Traded Lynch in who was avg 92 before I got him to get a return of just 76 avg after I traded him in.

    Gives you an idea of how bad my trading was.

    Self-Assessment: 0/10

    After finishing 229 overall in AFL Fantasy, and 157 overall in Real Dream Team... I can't believe I had such a horrific SC season.

    This season has totally killed my enjoyment of SC. I’m completely embarrassed and want to sincerely apologize to anyone I’ve let down in my leagues.
    SuperCoach:  3,690 (2016)  4,619 (2015)  1,084 (2014)  5,623 (2013)  3,392 (2012)  206 (2011)  3,705 (2010)  2,022 (2009)  2,795 (2008)  3,626 (2007)  1,026 (2006) 

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    AFL Club: Collingwood
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    Rep Power: 6361

    4 Not allowed!

    My pain had all the similarities of Lost in the Sky so no point repeating it all. Finished 36,407. An embarrassment as well LITS.
    SuperCoach:  755 (2016)  3,658 (2015)  1,894 (2013)  43 (2012)  AFL Dream Team:  170 (2016) 

    "Do Something." (John Kennedy 1975)

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    100 Games Club
    Join Date: 09-12-2013
    AFL Club: North Melbourne
    Posts: 726
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    Rep Power: 1588

    8 Not allowed!

    Team Name: Bunlit Roos

    Overall Ranking: 2,461
    Highest Ranking: 363 (Rd 11)
    Lowest Ranking: 9,403 (Rd 1)

    Highest Weekly Ranking: 4,238 (Rd 3)
    Lowest Weekly Ranking: 52,526 (Rd 23)

    Highest Weekly Score: 2,418 (Rd 20)
    Lowest Weekly Score: 1,756 (Rd 11 bye) or 2051 (Rd 7)

    Best Initial Selections
    1. Docherty
    2. Dangerfield
    3. T. Mitchell

    Worst Initial Selections
    1. Barlow
    2. T. Miller
    3. O’Meara

    Best Sliding Door Decisions in Initial Selection
    1. Duncan as a POD
    2. Danger
    3. Otten as Rookie Def

    Best Trade:
    1. Parsons to Witherden (Rd 16)
    2. Pendlebury to D.Martin (Rd 17)
    3. J.Selwood to M.Crouch (Rd 21)

    Worst Trade:
    1. Fyfe to Ablett (Rd 13)
    2. Marchbank to Harbrow (Rd 10)
    3. Hoskin-Elliot to Rockliff (Rd 12)


    I had a very positive start to the season dropping my rank each week until the byes which screwed my team over this year. Did so many unnecessary trades which costed me in the future with Ablett stuck on my bench and Lewis Young on field for the last 5 rounds where my rank went from 500 to 2461. Also Rockliff and Bontempelli underperformed way under the price I bought them for. Overall for my first SC season I have learnt many lessons and hope to improve for next year. On a side note my AFL Fantasy team also had an average season finishing 2879th overall.

    Self-Assessment: 6/10
    SuperCoach:  2461 (2017)  AFL Dream Team:  2879 (2017)  567 (2016)  6264 (2015) 

      Quote Quote

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    Dual Best & Fairest
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    AFL Club: Fremantle
    Posts: 3,028
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    Rep Power: 8205

    6 Not allowed!


    Overall Ranking: 8293
    Highest Ranking: 8293
    Lowest Ranking: 28138, rnd 4

    Highest Weekly Ranking: 4585, rnd 9
    Lowest Weekly Ranking: 74077, rnd 7

    Highest Weekly Score: 2539, rnd 22
    Lowest Weekly Score: 1765, rnd 13

    Best Initial Selections
    1. Tom Mitchell
    2. Andy Otten
    3. Dan Butler

    Worst Initial Selections
    1. Heath Shaw
    2. Jaeger O’Meara
    3. Mitch Hibberd

    Best Sliding Door Decisions in Initial Selection
    1. Can’t think of a 50/50 call that went my way.

    Worst Sliding Door Decisions in Initial Selection
    1. Shaw instead of Docherty
    2. O’Meara instead of Witts

    Best Trade:
    1. Hoskin Elliott, rnd 2
    2. Michael Hibberd, rnd 9
    3. Dusty, rnd 10

    Worst Trade:
    1. Rockliff
    2. Spencer
    3. Lynch, Lloyd, Swallow, Wallis, SSelwood, JSelwood

    Docherty instead of Shaw and Witts instead of O’Meara would have made such a big difference to my rank and my trading. I just couldn’t pull the trigger on a ruckman and played Nank for too long. I have to learn sometimes to follow the crowd and Macrae and Heeney should have been in my team. I’m not beating myself up about avoiding Oliver and Yeo. Oliver as a second year player was an outlier and Yeo’s season could have gone anywhere. I’m annoyed I didn’t show the same discipline with Rockliff. I think the game was a bit different this year with the rookies and ruckman being difficult to pick and the midpricers and breakout players being prominent amongst the top teams. Gold Coast might have a few spots but the other teams at the bottom have already started their rebuilds so we might be facing the same situation next year.
    I’m happy to take any feedback on my choices this year.

    Self-Assessment: 6.5 out of 10

    Name:  History 1.JPG
Views: 209
Size:  50.6 KB

    Name:  History 2.JPG
Views: 206
Size:  39.4 KB

    Name:  Trades 1.JPG
Views: 210
Size:  38.9 KB

    Name:  Trades 2.JPG
Views: 208
Size:  36.3 KB
    SuperCoach:  8293 (2017)  10922 (2016)  9214 (2015)  653 (2014) 

    I miss the old colours.

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    200 Games Club
    Join Date: 25-01-2013
    AFL Club: Essendon
    Posts: 1,157
    Likes: 814
    Rep Power: 2995

    7 Not allowed!

    Team Name: Kanye Confidence

    Overall Ranking: 20,758
    Highest Ranking: 60,363 (Rd 8)
    Lowest Ranking: 15,004 (Rd 19)

    Highest Weekly Ranking: 6,834 (Rd 19)
    Lowest Weekly Ranking: 106,858 (Rd 6)

    Highest Weekly Score: 2,467 (Rd 22)
    Lowest Weekly Score: 1,701 (Rd 13 bye) or 1,860 (Rd 6)

    Best Initial Selections
    1. Danger
    2. Macrae
    3. Laird

    Worst Initial Selections
    1. Shaw
    2. Hanners
    3. Roughy
    4. J. Smith
    5. Pendles
    6. Jelwood
    7. Beams

    Best Sliding Door Decisions in Initial Selection
    1. Started Danger vs not stating him

    Worst Sliding Doors decisions in initial selection:
    1. Shaw over Doc or Shaw over Adams
    2. Roughy over Nank/WHE
    3. Hanners over TMitch/SPS

    Best Trade:
    1. Sandi ---> Ryder (Rd 10)
    2. J. Smith ---> Newman (Rd 2)
    3. Stewart ---> Doc (Rd 12)

    Worst Trade:
    1. Taranto ---> Lynch
    2. SPP ---> J.Lloyd
    3. Hanners ---> Ross

    Never really got going this season. A bit like Kanye himself, my SC has been off the boil lately.
    I started terribly, but then traded well to start clawing back spots slowly. However, some spud moved towards the end and some bad luck with injuries cost me a big finish to the season. I was a long way back so pretty proud to have improved my situation considerably but the downside is that I traded hard and ran out of trades in a season where you needed to hold on to them a bit longer. That being said, I had built good cover with DPP coverage so I didn't end up with a donut until RD 23 (Greenwood out). Hail Mary moves like Shaw to Burgoyne and Hanners to Ross backfired, while Gawn was poor aside from one big score - I was treading water so tried to get creative.
    Next year, I'll try and spend a little less with the mid premiums as spending big has given me mixed results. It worked out OK last year but this year, all of Pendles, Jelwood, Hanners and even JPK were let downs. So maybe I'll try not to overpay as much aside from Danger and maybe TMitch. If I can pick a better starting side then I am confident enough in my trading to do well. Also, I'll try to be a little less optimistic next year and try a slower burn of the trades as I hate running out with 4 rounds to go - it's just too much to ask of Mother Luck, even with good coverage.
    Lots of learning achieved this year, looking forward to the BBL and AFLW comps before getting ready for 2018. Looking to make a big jump up the rankings.

    Self-assessment: 4/10

    Onwards and upwards, community!
    Thank you for another great season, I truly enjoy reading what other people have to say. Special shout out to the people who maintain this wonderful resource, it really is appreciated.
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    SC: 20,758 (2017) 5,469 (2016) 34,935 (2015) 21,740 (2014) 16,000 (2013) 5,200 (2012)
    RDT: 1,810 (2017) 6,949 (2016) 2,059 (2015)
    BBL DT: 131 (16/17) 1,949 (17/18)
    BBL SC: 420 (16/17)
    Drafter AFLW: 37 (2017)

    Get Schwifty

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    AFL Club: Essendon
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    Rep Power: 9914

    7 Not allowed!


    Overall Ranking: 1,895
    Highest Ranking: 358 (rd 10)
    Lowest Ranking: 18,550 (rd 1)

    Highest Weekly Ranking: 1,061 (rd 10)
    Lowest Weekly Ranking: 50,177 (rd 5)

    Highest Weekly Score: 2,465 (rd 22)
    Lowest Weekly Score: 2,026 (rd 7)

    Best Initial Selections
    1. Titch
    2. Danger
    3. Adams / Fyfe

    Worst Initial Selections
    1. Hanners? Although i traded him out in rd 3 lol

    Best Sliding Door Decisions in Initial Selection
    1. Nank who came in about a day before rd 1

    Best Trade:
    1. Oliver @ 439k (rd 4), 19 games @ 110.6
    Not a player i'd usually pick but probably shaped my season in many ways.
    2. Sloane @ 475k (rd 19), 5 games @ 109.8
    Wasn't looking like he was a good trade when he scored 36 first up but ended up being a good pick.

    Worst Trade:
    1. Jelwood @ 586k (rd 13), 7 games @ 81
    2. Lynch @ 433k (rd 12), 9 games @ 79
    3. JJ @ 469k (rd 8), 13 games @ 76

    Special mention to JOM and Spencer who i traded in and back out the following week

    Worst Sliding Door Trade
    1. Taking Buddy over Macrae in rd 3.
    The one decision that haunted me for the whole season and never really recovered. He did step up when i needed him though but had i gone Macrae, i would have been able to grab Buddy instead of Lynch later on. This decision probably cost me a 1k rank.
    2. Missing my Jelwood to Beams trade because i was drunk lol. First time ever!

    Strange year in many ways. I broke all the golden rules, in particular with my hyper aggressive trading and still managed to finish with a decent rank.

    The biggest problem i had throughout the year was cash generation so was forced to trade a lot of premiums in and out. A big no no generally but i think it was the difference between a 10k rank and a 2k rank. It did cause me some grief though but that's all part of the fun i suppose.

    No Docherty and no Macrae meant that i was never going to finish really high but was able to remain competitive with most of my leagues and also made my second Premier League grand final in as many years. Up over $1k in cash comps too so can't be upset about that either!

    Name:  trades.jpg
Views: 198
Size:  228.8 KB

    Self-Assessment: 6.5/10
    SuperCoach:  1,895 (2017)  4,853 (2016)  5,202 (2015)  479 (2014)  7,684 (2013) 

    Highest overall ranking: 18th (Rd 18, 2014)

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    5 Not allowed!

    Team Name: DeeFC

    Overall Ranking: 33.088
    Highest Ranking: 21,369 (R14)
    Lowest Ranking: 80,804 (R1)

    Highest Weekly Ranking: 1,864 (R10)
    Lowest Weekly Ranking: 115,881 (R7)

    Highest Weekly Score: 2,369 (R20)
    Lowest Weekly Score: 1,613 (R13 Bye) or 1,815 (R7)

    Best Initial Selections
    1. Dangerfield
    2. Macrae
    3. Taylor Adams

    Worst Initial Selections
    1. Omera
    2. D Swallow
    3. R Murphy
    4. Roughead
    5. Dahlhouse

    Best Sliding Door Decisions in Initial Selection
    1. Yeah nah, no good sliding door decisions here
    2. -
    3. -

    Best Trade:
    Scraping the barrel here but
    1. Jelwood R5
    2. Witherdon R16
    3. Greenwood R11

    Worst Trade:
    1. Tom Lynch
    2. Goldstein
    3. Rockliff
    4. Bontempelli
    5. Greene
    6. Ross
    7. JJK
    Shall I keep going?


    Worst season ever. Did not enjoy it one bit. Can't blame injuries or bad luck. Clearly just not any good at SC. Really looking forward to the break. If the Tigers could manage to win a final, preferably the first one against Geelong it might make up for my dismal SC performance.

    Self-Assessment: -10/10
    SuperCoach:  33088 (2017)  5748 (2016)  2918 (2015)  9010 (2014)  1326 (2013)  8539 (2012)  13881 (2011) 

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    9 Not allowed!

    Team Name: The Gawnfather

    Overall Ranking: 1,958
    Highest Ranking: 876th (R11)
    Lowest Ranking: 41,281 (R1)

    Highest Weekly Ranking: 1,927 (R9)
    Lowest Weekly Ranking: 67,059 (R8)

    Highest Weekly Score: 2,529 (R22)
    Lowest Weekly Score: 1,551 (R13 Bye) or 2022 (R8)

    Best Initial Selections
    1. Docherty
    2. Macrae
    3. Witts

    Worst Initial Selections
    1. Heath Shaw
    2. T. Lynch
    3. Treloar

    Best Sliding Door Decisions in Initial Selection
    1. Midprice Rucks (Witts and Sandi)
    2. Started with a few expensive rookies so it was easier to adjust to the right ones come rd 2
    3. Last minute decision to get Nank

    Worst Sliding Door Decisions in Initial Selection
    1. Lynch over Ryder
    2. Darcy Cameron over Preuss or Strndica. Was a useless loophole option
    3. 3 midpricers in mids (Swallow, Beams and O'meara). Got rid of Swallow for a rookie when he was a late out come rd 1 but couldnt do anything with the leftover money.

    Best Trades:
    1. Beams - T. Mitchell (rd 7). Averaged 121.8 over the 16 rounds i had him. Cost 555k
    2. WHE - Franklin (rd 6). Averaged 100.8/17. 465k
    3. Newman - Hibberd (rd 12). Averaged 98/12. 472k

    Worst Trades:
    1. Otten - Rockliff (rd 8). Averaged 81.7/15. 590k
    2. Taranto - Pendlebury (rd 5). Averaged 100.61/13. 633k
    3. Myers - Bontempelli (rd 12). Averaged 98.3/12. 553k

    Was quite an interesting year where a pure guns and rookies approach didn't seem to pay off as well as in previous years. A lot of questionable pre-season picks seemed to succeed such as Oliver, Kelly, Zorko and Murphy. Witts, Docherty, T. Mitch and Dusty were all essential in getting off to a good start as well. On the other hand proven picks like Shaw, Pendles, JPK and Hanners all had down years.

    Starting Premiums/Midpricers
    Shaw - Never seen a player drop off this bad before. 83 avg for a guy who started at 575k. 1.5/10
    Docherty - Nearly left him out last minute, glad i didn't. Improved on his breakout year to be the best defender of the year. 9.5/10
    Adams - Despite his injury risk and never playing 22 games before this year it was worth starting him. 9.5/10
    Laird - Didnt miss a game and was a top 6 defender. 9/10
    Dangerfield - Justified his 700k starting price. Solid VC/C option all year. 9.5/10
    Treloar - Overall was fairly disappointing. Thought he could breakout and hit a 110 avg this year. 5/10
    Selwood - Averaged 116 until his bye and was a top 3 starting pick until that point. Had multiple injuries after his bye and finished off averaging 102 and needed to be traded out. 4.5/10
    Fyfe - Started good, slowed down mid-season, ended great. 7.5/10
    Beams - Never intended to keep all year. Traded when he missed in rd 7. Averaged 96 up until that point and made 40k. 6.5/10
    Sandilands. Same with Beams. Never intended on holding and traded when he missed his first game. Averaged 95 until that point and made 150k. 8.5/10
    Macrae - Played every game and was the best averaging forward. 9.5/10
    Nankervis. Looked like a must have after 5 rounds. Slowly got worse as the season went on. Was still a handy pick for his price and dpp. 7/10
    Lynch - Poor starting selection especially with his early bye. Averaged low 80s and ruined every 2nd weekend for me when he scored 30. Eventually traded him out. 4/10
    Dahlhaus - Like Nank. Started well but got worse as the season went on. Averaged 90 and played every game. 7/10

    Excluding Sandi and Beams who I never intended on keeping, I ended my season with 10/12 starting premium picks with Selwood and Lynch the only ones being traded out. Last year i only had 6 from start to end and ended up coming 19th???

    Started off with most of the right rookies. Had WHE, hampton, Otten, Witts and SPP from the beginning. Missed out on Butler and Marchbank but brought them in rd 2. My trades were 50/50. Had some good ones and some really bad ones. Trading Rockliff in at 600k for him to miss 2 games and average 75 odd after his bye will probably go down as one of my worst trades in sc history. Got lucky with injuries. Only had the main ones in Selwood, Beams, Sandi and Pendles. Had J.Smith too. So cant really blame injuries this year.

    Made 6 league grand finals and won all of them thanks to trading Bellchambers in for his 150 and having Franklin as a pod in all 6. Came 2nd in my cash league and won the league GF so i won some $$ for the first ever time playing SC. Also managed to win SCSTrilobites and make the Prelims in SCSCL. Unfortunately wasn't a great year for SCSBestoftheBest. Finished 5th overall last year but could only manage 237th this year. Seemed like it was a bit of a down year on SCS with not many coaches finishing top 1000 but i'm sure next year things will change. Only 7 months or so until SC starts again :/

    Unfortunately couldn't get my goal of top 1000. My trading wasn't as good as last year but had a better starting team and managed to win a few $$

    Self-Assessment: 7.5/10
    SuperCoach:  1958 (2017)  19 (2016)  229 (2015)  4659 (2014)  2434 (2013)  11811 (2012)  3350 (2011) 

    Coach of 'Danger Things'
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    8 Not allowed!

    Team Name: Just Kreuzing

    Overall Ranking: 1765
    Highest Ranking: 1142 (Rd 14)
    Lowest Ranking: 25250 (Rd 1)

    Highest Weekly Ranking: 577 (Rd 3)
    Lowest Weekly Ranking: 65136 (Rd 19)

    Highest Weekly Score: 2479 (Rd 22)
    Lowest Weekly Score: 2030 (Rd 7)

    Best Initial Selections
    1. Docherty
    2. Adams
    3. Dangerfield

    Worst Initial Selections
    1. Lynch
    2. Cripps
    3. T.Lynch (GC)

    Best Sliding Door Decisions in Initial Selection
    1. Docherty
    2. No expensive Ruck Combo

    Best Trade:
    1. Cripps to Murphy making $150K
    2. Sandi to Kreuzer
    3. No others worth mentioning

    Worst Trade:
    1. Treloar to Rocky (when injured for 2 weeks)
    2. Sloane (tagged for next four weeks)
    3. Trading out Fyfe just before his bye

    Solid year, fairly consistent throughout and a much improved effort. Chose some great rookies at the start which got me up and going early in making cash for upgrades. However was let down by some big name players having poor or average seasons in Bont, Pendles and Sloane in the middle part of the year.

    Very happy this year all things considered. Was far more aggressive with trading after deciding to ignore league wins and go for highest rank. Was at times a bit hasty on trading out players when they became injured, which came back to haunt me. Yes you Treloar, Rocky and Fyfe!
    SuperCoach:  760 (2014) 

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    7 Not allowed!

    There's a well known saying, 'a picture is worth a thousand words', so I've adopted this approach to review my season rather than having to re-live the 'horror story' by putting it down in words!

    Name:  post1.jpg
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    Name:  post2.jpg
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    Name:  post3.jpg
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    Name:  post4.jpg
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    Name:  post5.jpg
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    SuperCoach:  9,307 (2017)  15,799 (2016)  1,033 (2015)  6,367 (2014)  8,442 (2013)  AFL Dream Team:  485 (2017)  2,706 (2016) 

    BBL|05 Major Prize Winner
    BBL|06 Member of #1 Ranked League

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    13 Not allowed!

    Team Name: MAFIA FC

    Overall Ranking: 44
    Highest Ranking: 44 (Round 23)
    Lowest Ranking: 39,189 (Round 1)

    Highest Weekly Ranking: 111 (Round 20)
    Lowest Weekly Ranking: 51,101 (Round 6)

    Highest Weekly Score: 2598 (Round 20)
    Lowest Weekly Score: 1976 (Round 6 & excluding byes)

    Best Initial Selections
    1. Oliver (initially I selected him as a stepping stone over O'meara based on preseason number and what I remember seeing in his first year. Starting Oliver paid off big time though making 1 less upgrade in mids all season long)
    2. Docherty (was a no brainer, his 2nd half of 2016 from memory was undeniable that he would be among the top 3 defenders in the game)
    3. T. Mitchell (starting him just made a lot of sense, absolute ball hog normally that was starved in a Sydney outfit. Hawks lost S. Mitchell, J. Lewis and worked out exactly how I thought it would with Titch dominating)

    Worst Initial Selections
    1. M. Kennedy (GWS) (I was struggling to work out which rookies to get in the fwd line, I was fooled by M Kennedy's great preseason but GWS were not playing many guns)
    2. Horlin-Smith (it was either WHE or GHS and I picked the wrong one to begin with. Traded him out in round 2)
    3. Jarrod Pickett (no need to say much more lol)
    4. H. Shaw (selected over Laird... in any case I kept him all the way up to round 22 but I truly expected more from him, though it didn't surprise me that the maturing GWS halfbacks in Williams/Wilson have stepped up and over Shaw. However Shaw averaging in the 80's was never going to be a complete disaster)

    Best Sliding Door Decisions in Initial Selection
    1. Initially selected P. Ryder over Buddy/Toby Greene (I remember looking very hard at Buddy which would not have been so bad BUT GEE!!! did I avoid a massive bullet in Toby Greene. I remember Ryder's RUC/FWD combination was what I needed to compliment Nank, Strdnica and Sandilands. Had no confidence in Sandilands that he would see out the whole season and Ryder would be my cover. As the season wore on it become very clear that the top Rucks would out perform the top fwds and so I would just leave Ryder in FWD line all season long)
    2. 5/8 initially selected mids I managed to keep all season (Danger, Fyfe, Treloar, Oliver and Titch were all in my initial starting mids. I also started with Beams like everyone else but he went after the first bout of injury concerns in Round 7. Having only the task to target 3 premo mids it allowed me to focus elsewhere on my team.)
    3. Selecting Macrae and Dahl together in FWD line (I remember a good mate of mine telling me he couldn't select these two Doggy players together because he was starting with Bont in the guts, his rational was that he only had room for 1 of them. In all honesty Macrae and Dahl were one of the first few picked and I never deviated or ever considered replacing them for any reason. The lack of FWD options to begin with were so scarce and I knew these 2 would go a long way and easily finish in the top 10. Macrae performed sensationally, Dahl had a great start but finished poorly which I think he has done for a few seasons now.)

    Best Trade:
    1. Sandilands > Kreuzer (Round 12) - At the time I knew this trade would make or break me. It absolutely worked a treat! This trade was season defining and probably one of the main reasons I was able to sky rocket up the rankings. At the time I remember Sandi being cooked and needed a permanent replacement. Kreuzer had strung about 3-4 decent games and looked at his stats whiched showed he was doing the hard work getting tackles and disposals together with hitouts and marks. Other options were S.Martin, Jacobs, Mumford, Goldy... but all of these guys had some issue or another such as Archie Smith, Preuss, injury/suspension or just not showing enough dominance.
    2. J. Selwood > Franklin (Round 23) - With my last trade I needed FWD cover for H. Greenwood being omitted in the final round. In comes Buddy and kicks 10 goals and scores 183 points to win the Coleman and helped me win every SC Grand Final in every league that I was in. This trade summed up my SC 2017 season in that I was extremely lucky!
    3. GHS > Marc Murphy (Round 3) - Initially overlooked Murphy and was never convinced until he pumped out 2 huge scores in round 1 & 2 and saw him as a must get before his price sky rocketed. Murphy had a good year finishing as the 9th best scroing player in SC this season. In the end kept him till the end and no regrets.

    Worst Trade:
    1. WHE > J. Spencer (Round 5) - Felt the pressure to ditch WHE with a reasonably high BE. With Gawn down and out in round 3 I got to see Spencer score well in his first game of the year in round 4. To me it felt like he was going to make the most of his opportunity as Melbourne's No.1 ruck for a number of weeks while Gawn was out. Spencer gets himself injured the round I bring him and I should have waited till after his second game to bring him in (one of the golden rules in SC). Anyways I was forced to trade Spencer in round 6 to J.Cameron. Essentially Spencer was a waste of a trade.
    2. SPS > Balic (Round 6) - Wasn't hurt too much with this one as most had brought the promising rookie in.
    3. Butler > Myers (Round 9) - Many also brought in Myers so wasn't too hurt by this either... was more a case of the rookie not generating as much $ as expected, similar to Balic.


    I put my success this season mostly down to 2 things:

    1. Initial selections coming good: 11 players I kept from start to finish Macrae, Dahl, Ryder, Strndica, Fyfe, Titch, Treloar, Danger, Oliver, Doch, Adams.
    With 30 spots to fill on a blank canvas and with only 30 trades for the entire season the initial selection is crucial to get right!!! Having kept 11 player from start to finish I only needed to worry about the other 19 spots. Of the 11 I mentioned Strandica was a floating doughnut and not a premo keeper, therefore 10 were full keepers and needed to focus on getting the other 12 right.
    In saying this I must credit my luck with players managing to stay away from injury/suspension, this helped a lot!

    2. Trading in Kreuzer in Round 12 - this was absolutely MASSIVE! was really at a cross roads with other potential ruck options when Sandilands went down. Kreuzer never had any competition at the Blues and he was really starting to flourish. He has always shown glimpses of brilliance but I had no idea he was going to go gang busters with scores such as:

    Round/ Score
    12. 132
    13. 144
    14. 135
    15. 90
    16. 103
    17. 120
    18. 128
    19. 74
    20. 131
    21. 133
    22. 89
    23. 98

    These are elite numbers by any standard. The fact that his ownership % peaked by seasons end at 12.5% tells me that he was a huge POD for those that managed to bring him in.

    Self-Assessment: 9.5/10 - as good as it is to finish inside the top 50 there is always room for improvement.
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    11 Not allowed!

    Team Name: Creekers.

    Overall Ranking: 151.
    Highest Ranking: 151. Round 23.
    Lowest Ranking: 7649. Round 5.

    Highest Weekly Ranking: 188. Round 14.
    Lowest Weekly Ranking: 39,175. Round 6.

    Best Initial Selections.
    1. Sandi / Witts Ruck combo.
    2. Danger.
    3. Titchell.

    Worst Initial Selections.
    1. H Shaw.
    2. A little harsh but - Treloar.
    3. JOM.

    Best Trades.
    1. Only luxury (non injury) prem trade for the year. Treloar to Dusty in round 8 for 519k.
    2. Swallow to Oliver very early.
    3. Sandilands to Ryder, round 10 for 493k.

    Worst trade.
    1. Greenwood to J Selwood, round 18. Right decision, just bad timing.

    Was a strange season. Two things I got right was, not to chase last weeks points and the bye's.
    I noticed last season if a rookie had a big score one week, he would generally let you down the next week. I seemed to fall into this trap a lot in 2016 so made the decision not to chase last weeks points early on with the rookies. Could not believe how well this worked.
    I did not do much research into the byes during the preseason. Was more concentrating on getting the best starting team possible. When the season began I took notice of the bye's to the extent where I wanted to trade a player in but couldn't due to which round bye he had. Was frustrating as it happened a few times but it paid off.
    Entered the bye's with a rank of 1811 and came out the other side ranked 429.

    There's a fine line between aggressive trading and playing too safe. Think I got a good balance this season.
    I'll go with a 8/10.

    A quick thank-you to all here at SCS. Our mods do a ripper job and the work they do is incredible. Thanks to all members who throw around great thoughts and idea's. We all need each other to master this enjoyable but frustrating Supercoach game.
    Onwards and upwards to 2018.
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    3 Not allowed!

    Quote Originally Posted by Creeker View Post
    Team Name: Creekers.

    Overall Ranking: 151.
    Highest Ranking: 151. Round 23.
    Lowest Ranking: 7649. Round 5.

    Best Trades.
    1. Only luxury (non injury) prem trade for the year. Treloar to Dusty in round 8 for 519k.
    2. Swallow to Oliver very early.
    3. Sandilands to Ryder, round 10 for 493k.
    That's how you do it folks! Killer trades!

    Treloar to Dusty at that point well worth it.
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