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    Thanks to the HS guys for creating this. If anyone has time to hop on twitter maybe ask for them to follow up with another challenge, the CHEAPEST starting team that could have taken out the $50k in 2017.

    When this exercise was done on another site a few years ago the solution was found to be around $6 million however the trading strategy ends up being a lot more Guns and Rookies like, and the "cheap" team also stormed home strong from memory around 1000 points off the lead early days as they lose points but build $$$.
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    That team had a few rucks rotating through: McEvoy, Kruezer, Witts, Nankervis, Ryder, Smith. At least one of these was on the bench every week!
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    Quote Originally Posted by jaca View Post
    One thing is interesting is the "starting rookie players that will eventually come into the side". Will give it some thought for my future donuts.
    Still remember starting Tom Couch who took forever to get a game, and in another season, I think, starting of all people Sam Docherty for Brisbane and the best he could manage all season was emergency. Ironic given Docherty is now virtually everyone's first pick for Supercoach. Picked the right rookie but in the wrong season. Like to have the squad of 30 all playing first game if possible.
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