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    Quote Originally Posted by Rowsus View Post
    Dermie made a really good point in the half-time analysis on Foxtel yesterday.
    He basically said:
    "When your object is to bump, your fist is clenched, as you brace yourself for impact. When your object is the ball, your hand is open, as you are trying to get the ball. Look at Cotchin's hand at the point of impact".
    Cotchin's hand is open.
    To me it was accidental, and incidental, and he should get off.
    One of the things that really frustrate me about the MRP these days, is they rarely take the accidental/incidental into account, and jump straight to negligent. This was just a good hard contest, and unfortunately it ended Shiels' day. There was nothing malicious in it, and Cotchin's focus was getting the ball, and not the man.
    For criminy's sake, let him off, it's football, not netball!
    I do agree, but they usually jump straight to careless when there is a concussion (which is the grading above negligent)! Concussion seems to always mean a worse intention grading this season.

    I don't agree with the current rules which place too much emphasis on the result rather than intention. But I do think they should be applied consistently. Since the precedents have been set with Danger losing a chance at a brownlow for an incident where he also lacked malice (but was judged as careless), unfortunately it should be at least a fine for Cotchin (so likely at least negligent). Don't agree with it, but since that's what it is, they gotta stick to it.

    But the MRP lotto have their ways of being the MRP lotto - this was a much worse incident earlier from Zak Jones which did not even get a fine.
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    Throw the book at Cotchin and give Sloane the Brownlow for his hit on Danger!
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