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Is Liberatore SC relevant any more? A few seasons ago he was a 110 midfielder. Since Luke Lemonade has taken over that has dropped away. Is it the different role? Is it the attitude? He is on the wrong side of the coach? Priced at 79 if he played a full midfield role could he get back to 100+?
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He'll never get his old role back. McCartney just kept him following the ball and smashing opponents into the turf.
He's one I'm watching over the JLT.

The Dogs were horrendous around the footy last season (near last in the league for clearances & centre clearances) and should be making a fair few changes to get back to being competitive again.

The first move they should make in keeping the competitive animal, that is Libba, in the middle for longer.

As has been discussed before, the Dogs changed up their line coaches last year and I don't think it went too well for them.