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  1. #1
    Join Date: 08-03-2012
    AFL Club: Essendon
    Posts: 25,205
    Likes: 12,783
    Rep Power: 10128

    12 Not allowed!

    Score: 2,153
    Weekly Rank: 25,085
    Overall Rank: 43,027 (from 50,871)
    Heroes: JOM, Gray, Heeney, Cogs, Gawn, Finlayson/Murray/Kelly
    Villains: Simpson, Titch(c)?, Kreuzer, Billings, Petracca
    Trades Made: Out: Marchbank/Armitage. In: Gibbs/Richards
    Trades Planned: Unsure
    Comments: The slow recovery continues. Plenty of room for improvement with quite a few underperforming but still managed 8/10 league wins so can't complain there.

    Kreuzer and Billings are testing my patience!


    Template below for ease of copying.

    Weekly Rank:
    Overall Rank: (from )
    Trades Made:
    Trades Planned:
    SuperCoach:  31,941 (2018)  1,895 (2017)  4,853 (2016)  5,202 (2015)  479 (2014)  7,684 (2013) 

    Highest overall ranking: 18th (Rd 18, 2014)

  2. #2
    Best and Fairest
    Join Date: 19-01-2014
    AFL Club: Fremantle
    Posts: 2,889
    Likes: 1,000
    Rep Power: 2693

    11 Not allowed!

    Score: 2,180
    Weekly Rank: 16,408
    Overall Rank: 18,752 (from 26,801)
    Heroes: Laird, Finlayson, Dusty, Taranto, Stephenson
    Villains: Hibberd, Holmon
    Trades Made: Merrett/Ryan > Danger/Crowden
    Trades Planned: Probably need to trade out a few FDs or look at moving Brayshaw on
    Comments: weird week, everyone scored enough to not be villains but not many were good enough to be heroes. Hopefully trading Merrett to Danger works out ok

  3. #3
    50 Games Club
    Join Date: 24-02-2015
    AFL Club: North Melbourne
    Posts: 427
    Likes: 315
    Rep Power: 2356

    12 Not allowed!

    Score: 2,174
    Weekly Ranked:18,109
    Overall Rank: 2,042 (from 4,234)
    Heroes: Laird, Sicily, VC Dusty, Cogs, Gawn, McLean, Stephenseon
    Villains: Bonner, Petracca, BILLINGS
    Trades Made: JKelly and Ryan to McLean and Crowden
    Trades Planned: Brayshaw to Coffield Locked, the other tba later in the week
    Comments: pretty happy with my score I won 5/6 leagues and that 1 lost was only by 13 points in which got me pretty triggered was the Sunday carnage hit me with Bonner as well as Billings screwed it for me plus my opponent had RGray which didn’t help me LOOL but it happens, Billings gonna be the talking point this week on whether i offload him or not have 195k in the bank b4 trades so will wait and see
    SuperCoach:  18,544 (2017)  1,752 (2016)  14,258 (2015)  26,810 (2014) 

  4. #4
    Brownlow Medalist
    Join Date: 11-11-2012
    AFL Club: Essendon
    Posts: 10,957
    Likes: 7,187
    Rep Power: 13105

    26 Not allowed!

    Score: 2,265
    Weekly Rank: 2808
    Overall Rank: 157 (from 1,093)
    Heroes: DOM BARRY (C), Gray, Heeney, Cogs, Sicily, Gawn, Dusty VC, Laird, Savage, Banfield (E) over Holman, Finlayson/Murray/Kelly
    Villains: Billings, Petracca, Parker
    Trades Made: Out: Lobb, Ryan In: Gray, Crowden
    Trades Planned: Brayshaw to Coffield quite likely. Possibly Barry to Guelfi
    Dom Barry the star of this round for me. The "luck" element of SC really showing. If he'd played, I would've had Holman on field and Titch (C). Instead I got Banfield's score and Dusty's 141 as C. The importance of the C loophole is definitely showing early but the fortunate recent outs in Sicily (Fyfe's VC) and Barry (Dusty's VC) shows how the SC gods do their work. I think I'll look to trade a C loophole in at some point at R3 but I'll ride my luck for now!
    Quite happy with Gray as my "16th keeper". Started with Lycett at R2, then went to Lobb (after Hibberd to NN) and then to Gray. Interesting journey but finally found the right person (hopefully I'm still saying this in R10 haha)!

    Very happy with my start this year. Never been as high as 157. My usual season is to start at about 50k and trade my way to the top 1-2k. Hopefully that experience comes in handy and helps me trade my way to the very point end. Good luck to all the other SCS members who've started strong!
    Supercoach: 3775 (2017) 530 (2016) 1858 (2014) 805 (2013) 4220 (2011) 574 (2010) Real Dreamteam: 74 (2017) 1225 (2016) 335 (2015) 518 (2014)

  5. #5
    150 Games Club
    Join Date: 09-12-2013
    AFL Club: North Melbourne
    Posts: 817
    Likes: 590
    Rep Power: 1762

    14 Not allowed!

    Score: 2195
    Weekly Rank: 12536
    Overall Rank: 145 (from 318)
    Heroes: Laird, Savage, Finlayson, Murray, Dusty, Cogs, Gawn, T.Kelly, McLean, Heeney, Sicily, Olango
    Villains: Simpson, Holman, Billings, Petracca
    Trades Made: Ryan to Crowden and Lobb to McLean
    Trades Planned: Brayshaw to Coffield
    Comments: Top 150 in any fantasy footy for the first time backing up my great start to the year in BBL and WBBL Fantasy (finishing 8th in both). On a side note 316th in AFL Fantasy as well. Olango's leadership is first-class and has led my side every round so far brilliantly and hope he is needed again this week. Good luck to everyone in the coming weeks. Its crunch time. Thanks to the mods for this great site as always.
    SuperCoach:  29 (R5) (2018)  2461 (2017)  AFL Dream Team:  1159 (R5) (2018)  2879 (2017)  567 (2016)  6264 (2015) 

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  6. #6
    Join Date: 13-09-2014
    AFL Club: North Melbourne
    Posts: 7,540
    Likes: 9,787
    Rep Power: 14179

    2 Not allowed!

    Great write up B18, your humility a trait I admired most in your comments.

    Well deserved...
    SuperCoach:  9,307 (2017)  15,799 (2016)  1,033 (2015)  6,367 (2014)  8,442 (2013)  AFL Dream Team:  485 (2017)  2,706 (2016) 

    BBL|05 Major Prize Winner
    BBL|06 Member of #1 Ranked League

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    Rising Star Nominee
    Join Date: 03-07-2017
    AFL Club: Port Adelaide
    Posts: 115
    Likes: 218
    Rep Power: 1130

    10 Not allowed!

    Score: 2151
    Weekly Rank: 25,826
    Overall Rank: 15,252 (from 19260)
    Heroes: A Christensen, S Coniglio, J Finlayson, N Fyfe, M Gawn, I Heeney, M Hurley, R Laird (C), S Lycett, D Martin, C Oliver and J Sicily
    Villains: J Billings, J Henry, N Holman and K Simpson
    Trades Made: Out: J McGovern, L Ryan, In: I Heeney, J Henry
    Trades Planned: Out: LDU, In: D Mirra (via J Garlett and J Sicily allowing S Murray to move onto the field thus reducing fwd rookies fielded to 1)
    Comments: Happy with my score, captaincy selection and 10 players scoring 100+ in comparison to 5 last week. Great performance by C Oliver compensating for his poor performance in his debut last week and J Sicily's return.
    SuperCoach:  40295 (2017)  3928 (2016) 

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    Brownlow Medalist
    Join Date: 11-11-2012
    AFL Club: Essendon
    Posts: 10,957
    Likes: 7,187
    Rep Power: 13105

    1 Not allowed!

    Quote Originally Posted by THCLT View Post
    Great write up B18, your humility a trait I admired most in your comments.

    Well deserved...
    Thanks THCLT! Well deserved strong start to your own "FLYING HORSES"! That Kreuzer-Grundy move has been epic! Hopefully we can both consolidate on these good starts with some solid trading
    Supercoach: 3775 (2017) 530 (2016) 1858 (2014) 805 (2013) 4220 (2011) 574 (2010) Real Dreamteam: 74 (2017) 1225 (2016) 335 (2015) 518 (2014)

  9. #9
    200 Games Club
    Join Date: 06-05-2013
    AFL Club: Carlton
    Posts: 1,172
    Likes: 699
    Rep Power: 2102

    11 Not allowed!

    Score: 2135
    Weekly Rank: 9212
    Overall Rank: 518 (from 414)
    Heroes: Laird, D Martin, Coniglio, Gawn, Sicily, McLean, R Gray, Finlayson
    Villains: Ryan, Holman (or rather me for being greedy on Banfield's 69), Petracca, Fyfe VC, me again for not having the stones to captain Gawn over Titchell when I felt he would be heavily tagged
    Trades Made: Liam Ryan and Dangerfield to Luke Ryan and R Gray
    Trades Planned: Brayshaw to Coffield
    Comments: Poor week, will bounce back. Still in the hunt at 380 off the pace but will need to keep being creative, and hopefully have some luck also. Brought Dangerfield in for Libba initially as a blocking tactic more than anything. With his price set to drop I decided Dangerfield served me best by squeezing Fritsch off field and bringing in the likely F1 for the year in Robbie Gray, and performing my first Defence upgrade. Ryan's score first up was no good as Ross tasked him with kerbing Greene initially, but he was allowed to tick along in the 2nd half which was good to see. I still think he's a good chance to be a top defender from this point and a positive POD, and was happy to get him at his price.
    Last edited by kakarot; 16-04-2018 at 12:59am.
    SuperCoach:  1854 (2016)  51 F (2015)  1884 (2014)  740 (2013) 

    "I will show you fear in a handful of dust." - T.S. Eliot, The Waste Land (1922).
    Riding the Kamehameha wave since 1986. Coach of the Kansas City Gunslingers FDLFC.

  10. #10
    Rising Star Nominee
    Join Date: 10-03-2015
    AFL Club: North Melbourne
    Posts: 80
    Likes: 54
    Rep Power: 1203

    11 Not allowed!

    Score: 2152
    Weekly Rank: 25, 470
    Overall Rank: 274 (from ) 285
    Heroes: Gray, Dusty, Cogs, Laird, Heeney
    Villains: Captain Titch
    Trades Made: J Kelly to Buddy; Ryan to E Richards
    Trades Planned: Probably none - tempted by Bonner to Yeo
    I love Robbie Gray
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  11. #11
    50 Games Club
    Join Date: 17-04-2013
    Posts: 421
    Likes: 174
    Rep Power: 1294

    0 Not allowed!

    Congrats to the high scorers in here, people. To the low scorers; I humbly suggest a mass extraction of digits.

  12. #12
    Join Date: 04-02-2013
    AFL Club: Hawthorn
    Posts: 5,220
    Likes: 4,948
    Rep Power: 9455

    21 Not allowed!

    Score: 2,251
    Weekly Rank: 3,943
    Overall Rank: 95 (from 621)
    Heroes: Finlayson, Fyfe, Sicily, Gawn, McLean, Cogs, Heeney, Laird, Dusty & Robbie Gray!
    Villains: Cripps, Mitchell, Smith, Goldy, Hibberd, Walters & Trac.
    Trades Made: Brayshaw to Crowden & Ryan to Gray
    Trades Planned: None atm but may look to get Coffield in somehow.

    DEF: 7/10
    Was spewing when Laird scored a captain worthy score and had taken the VC off him, but worked out alright in the end. Hibberd was absolutely horrible, was at the game and he was pretty ordinary and definitely played a lock down role... but would often allow his man to run free and was very lazy and gave up most of the time, will need to look to get rid of him somehow. He's my worst premo pick atm. Bonner has been ordinary in than Last 3 weeks and feel his round 1 score was definitely a fluke, am glad I started with him as if I had traded him in I would have been more disappointed. The trio of MurFinDoe onfield again in the backline with only Doedee be subpar. Murphy out was definitely annoying but with that horrible crows loss should definitely come straight back in once fit.

    MID: 5/10
    Dusty 6.0.36 defeat Brisbane 2.5.17! Dusty vice captain this week definitely bounced back. Cogs with another solid 110+ score. Fyfe just barely cracking the tonne. Cripps 2nd consecutive week in the 90s isn't great. Tom Mitchell is human afterall, with his first score below 100. Kelly the only rookie averaging 100+ did good as usual. Petracca temporarily in the middle this week and did horribly. Looping Banfield's 69 and benching Holman's 32 was a definite win and finally avoided a 30s score this week after having 3 consecutive weeks with sum1 getting in the 30s. Garlett on the bench mooing nicely. Tom Barry played a pivotal role by getting dropped this week, great captain choice.

    RUC: 7/10
    Gawn was clearly the dominant ruck on the day but still can't kick straight. Goldy atrocious and Daw is definitely negatively impacting him, I may need to something drastic and trade him out in the near future if he can't get back to his rd 1/2 scoring levels. English mooing along nicely and hope he gets to play onfield soon, as most teams I've seen don't have him at all.

    FWD: 9/10
    Walters disappointing this week but hoping he'll bounce back. Smith with back2back 80s is conceding but will give him the benefit of the doubt since he was being tagged by Ebert. Sicily definitely owed that score after coming back from suspension, loved watching him play in real life. McLean averaging 114.5 since being traded into my team and still a great POD. Heeney with his best score of the year breaking 120 and yet to go below the tonne. New recruit ROBBIE GRAY!!! Never would have expected a huge score like that from a new trade in straight off the bat. Definitely a great POD to have averaging a huge 145 since traded in. Fritsch has definitely been consistent scoring 56-60 every week. Having Fritsch on the bench while most I suspect have him onfield has definitely given me an advantage. Not many sides would have a 6 premo fwd line right now. Crowden over Henry is a small win and that DPP will prove very handy down the track.

    Overall Comments: 8/10
    FIRST TIME EVER CRACKING THE TOP 100!!! . It definitely felt satisfying clicking the top option in the poll. Early in the week my plan was to make 2 downgrades and hold 300k for Dangerfield funds. But then I thought hang on, why hold this much cash when I can make my first upgrade of the year and be a premo ahead of everyone else? My first official upgrade scoring 145 not bad at all. Was a bit scared that Brayshaw would go huge but needed to use him to add that extra premo. Luckily enough Brayshaw has spurred up again and do not make much cash at all. Originally it felt like my backline needed help so was considering Savage over Gray via Sicily. As Gray has that early bye thought I should be getting him later but then I considered that was what everyone else was going to do so I may aswell get him now as POD. Little did I know Bomber18 would copy me and get Gray too . He also copied me field Banfield and bench Holman haha. Crowden over Henry a definite win in my books and like I said DPP is always handy. For trades this week, Coffield seems like the only must have but I no longer have Brayshaw so will need to see who I can ditch to get him. My personal league Tamuhawk's League currently 3rd overall!!! It definitely helps when I'm only 2nd in that 10 man league and the guy I beat (My cousin) in my league match was 37th at the time. Hope we can keep it up. Am also part of SCS Div2 who are currently 4th and also SCS$50 who are 13th. Well done to the other many SCSers on being in the top 1k and keep up the good work everyone!
    SuperCoach:  6,121 (2017)  26,766 (2016)  1,329 (2015)  4,375 (2014)  4,623 (2013)  14,454 (2012)  13,327 (2011)  11,384 (2010)  80,186 (2009)  41,067 (2008) 

    Rank 6th Overall in the Inaugural AFLW Drafter Competition.
    2017 AFLW weekly winner for the Grand Final Day Drafter Competition.

    I am one with the force and the force is with me.
    That's What I'm Talkin' About!!!

    Highest Score Ever: 2,727 Round 15 2015
    2nd Highest Score Ever: 2,713 Round 15 2014
    Highest Overall Rank: 117 (Rd 2 2017)
    Highest Weekly Rank: 147 (Rd 15 2015)

  13. #13
    Rising Star Nominee
    Join Date: 12-02-2013
    AFL Club: Sydney
    Posts: 117
    Likes: 213
    Rep Power: 929

    8 Not allowed!

    Score: 2,022
    Weekly Rank: 87,410
    Overall Rank: 7,266 (from 2,704)

    Heroes: Hawthorn for winning despite Tmitch being tagged. Hopefully that will discourage other teams from doing it.
    Villains: Dom Barry for getting dropped, giving me the loophole options I proceeded to squander.

    Trades Made: Ryan to Crowden
    Trades Planned: Brayshaw to Coffield

    Comments: I just had a shocker, and even the mighty Tmitch couldn't clean up the mess I'd made for once. As a non-Dusty owner, any week he has a big loopable score it's going to hurt me. Coniglio always hurts me too. Yeo was my big round 6 trade in target, so watching him tear it up annoyed me. As did Gray, who I should've carried through round 1 like I wanted to. Instead I carried Danger, which I haven't seen much benefit from yet.
    On the plus side, I was happy to get Crowden into my team. Coffield made it easier to choose him over O'Shea to trade in this week. Mirra and Guelfi might be hard to choose between if they both play well again and I want to start upgrading. Guelfi probably gets the nod because he looks like a real life Bart Simpson with his spiky hair the same colour as his face.
    SuperCoach:  7266 (2018)  13504 (2017)  3878 (2016)  8861 (2015)  3581 (2014)  6813 (2013)  1495 (2012)  8860 (2011)  AFL Dream Team:  1904 (2018)  873 (2017)  124 (2016)  402 (2015) 

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    400 Games Club
    Join Date: 03-02-2014
    AFL Club: West Coast
    Posts: 1,947
    Likes: 1,238
    Rep Power: 3018

    5 Not allowed!

    Team at the Conclusion of Round 4:

    Score: 2029
    Weekly Rank: 84,328
    Overall Rank: 39,147 (30,896)
    Heroes: Laird, McGovern, Sicily, Finlayson, Murray, Martin, Kelly
    Villains: Holman, Billings, Petracca
    Trades Made: None
    Trades Planned: Liam Ryan, Daniel Venables and Andrew Brayshaw are all on the chopping block.

    Surely I have to trade, as this is now easily the longest I've even gone into a season without trading. The biggest disappointment is probably Billings - should have listened to Rowsus, as usual, but I took him over Heeney, thinking Heeney's injury in the pre-season would slow him down. I tried to avoid doubling up on premiums in the same team as much as possible, and so I picked Kelly over Coniglio, which has been a mistake. Not trading Brayshaw to Coniglio last week seems to be another error, as I had planned to wait and grab a Curnow type this week and didn't end up doing it. Zorko's had a disappointing start to the year, but since he's effectively M6, there's not much value in 'upgrading him', and he is my favorite player, so I'll definitely be keeping him. I'm having a terrible start to the year, rankings wise, but I'm cautiously optimistic about the road ahead.

    Defence: 8/10

    Only Doedee didn't show up, and I missed out on 19 points playing him ahead of Naughton, but based on prior performance, I can't beat myself up over it. McGovern turned the corner to deliver a good score, and Sicily returned from suspension to post a handy ton.

    Midfield: 3.5/10

    Got the VC wrong when choosing between Fyfe, Martin and Zorko (Kelly was also under consideration), but at least I didn't put it on Mitchell or Dangerfield. Holman delivered a very poor score after three weeks of great service. Banfield was serviceable, covering Josh Kelly, and Tim Kelly performed admirably, but aside from Dustin Martin, the rest of my 'Elite Midfield' were either poor or below par. They need to improve.

    Rucks: 6/10

    Nailed the Captaincy decision with Max Gawn from my Sunday options - although that's not saying much. Nic Nat continues to perform with little time, and English ticked along nicely on the bench.

    Forwards: 3/10

    When Devon Smith's 82 is the best score, I am in a heap of trouble. Decided not to trade Ryan to Curnow, instead opting to switch Venables on field for Ryan when Garlett was on 2ish at 1/4 time. In the end I lost out on 10 points, but the big issues was the 'Premiums', as Billings, Smith and Petracca served up some very unimpressive scores. The forward line is probably where I need to strengthen the most - but it's hard to find the best way to do that.

    Overall: 5/10

    The most obvious trade-out pair to me, is Brayshaw and Ryan. Ryan has a very low B/E, but I envisage that I could use him as a late-season downgrade anyway.

    Trading both will give me a budget of $679,900, effectively $508,600 (Coffield), $562,600 (Giles-Langdon) or $577,500 (Mirra).

    I could trade in Crowden too, but I'm not too eager on that option. Problem is, $508k doesn't get me to a Heeney or Robbie Gray or even Toby Greene type, and it's $700 away from a Yeo down back too. Zac Merrett is an option, but he can potentially wait a week.

    I'll probably grab Coffield, unless Giles-Langdon is fit to play, and work around that, trying to fit a Defence or Forward premium in.
    SuperCoach:  21527 (2017)  7909 (2016)  10605 (2015)  5980 (2014)  9852 (2013)  21041 (2012) 

  15. #15
    Join Date: 31-12-2013
    AFL Club: Geelong
    Posts: 56
    Likes: 83
    Rep Power: 516

    8 Not allowed!

    Score: 1982
    Weekly Rank: 103074 wow that’s a big number
    Overall Rank: 21959(from 10,176)
    Heroes: Laird, Finlayson Savage Dusty Coniglio Fyfe Gawn Sicily
    Villains: Coach for stuffing up the Captains loophole, Billings, Sloan, Dixon, Simpson,
    Trades Made: None
    Trades Planned: Sloan and Billings to Gray and someone
    SuperCoach:  5456 (2017)  2361 (2016)  61559 (2015)  32494 (2014) 

  16. #16
    Rising Star Nominee
    Join Date: 20-03-2018
    AFL Club: Collingwood
    Posts: 170
    Likes: 62
    Rep Power: 120

    6 Not allowed!

    Score: 2,180
    Weekly Rank:13,751
    Overall Rank: 32,720 (from) 44,390
    Heroes: Yeo, Laird, Hurley, Sicily, Heeny, Gawn, Finlayson and Dusty's VC (Rayner on bench)
    Villains: Holman, Goldy and J.Kelly
    Trades Made: Ryan to Rat. Ablett to Macrae
    Trades Planned: Not sure yet but if I do it will be an upgrade
    A lot of underperformers. Need to strengthen my forward-line
    ♥♥ Trust yourself - Create the life - Be magnificent ♥♥
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    Rising Star Nominee
    Join Date: 26-04-2012
    Posts: 125
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    Rep Power: 718

    8 Not allowed!

    Score: 2332

    Overall Rank: 237
    Heroes: Gray Martin
    Villains: Billings
    Trades Made: Forgot
    Trades Planned: Not sure

    Was taking it easy not serious this year and forgot to trade last week. Somehow have a high ranking
    SuperCoach:  774 (2016)  548 (2015)  950 (2014)  36 (2013) 

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    Rising Star Nominee
    Join Date: 21-03-2016
    AFL Club: Collingwood
    Posts: 151
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    Rep Power: 233

    7 Not allowed!

    Score: 2,214
    Weekly Rank: 8,747
    Overall Rank: 33,813 (up 14,854 spots)
    Heroes: Dusty (VC), Cogs, Sicily, Mclean, Taranto, English
    Villains: Billings, Holman
    Trades Made: Out: Ryan In: Henry
    Trades Planned: Brayshaw to Coffield
    Comments: Last week was a weird week - i scored 20xx but felt that my team was in reasonable nick and no wholesale changes needed. Feel good about that this week with a top 5% score. Round 3 trades looking good so far (Hibberd > Heeney, Lambert > Taranto). Current regret is not going Billings > Gray like I strongly considered on Friday morning, Round 1 (after Garlett posted a 70-odd as my emergency v Richmond).

  19. #19
    Join Date: 13-09-2014
    AFL Club: North Melbourne
    Posts: 7,540
    Likes: 9,787
    Rep Power: 14179

    15 Not allowed!

    Score: 2,251
    Weekly Ranked:3,943
    Overall Rank: 319 (from 1,587)
    Heroes: McGovern, Dusty (c), Oliver, Grundy, Mundy
    Villains: On the wrong side of Rookie Roulette wheel
    Trades Made: Cole to Henry
    Trades Planned: Awaiting updates on Lobb and Venables
    Comments: My decision to move Cole on to a forward 'bubble' Rookie meant Sicily swinging back to DEF, exposing 2 forward Rookies to be OTF for the round (Lobb on the bench). Was surprised to see the jump in the overall rankings as it didn't feel like a 'big' score, I suspect there were a few Mitchell/Danger captains out there. Will need to be creative with my trades over the coming rounds to revert back to my starting team strategy of zero forward on-field Rookies. The forward line is currently my weakest link and will be the immediate focus for upgrading. Not owning either of Heeney, McLean or Gray is something I would rather address sooner rather than later. I do however, have the 'Red Rooster' variety in Buddy and Mundy so that will satisfy my hunger for now!
    SuperCoach:  9,307 (2017)  15,799 (2016)  1,033 (2015)  6,367 (2014)  8,442 (2013)  AFL Dream Team:  485 (2017)  2,706 (2016) 

    BBL|05 Major Prize Winner
    BBL|06 Member of #1 Ranked League

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    Vice Captain
    Join Date: 25-07-2012
    AFL Club: Collingwood
    Posts: 4,593
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    Rep Power: 3066

    5 Not allowed!

    Rd 4 Score: 2,026
    Overall Score: 8,825 (Leader 9,582)
    Round 4 Rank: 85,663
    Season Rank: 18,353
    Heroes: Dusty, Cogs, McLean, Gawn, Sicily, Finlayson & Fyfe.
    Villians: Mitchell (first time as C and could not handle it) , Smith, Papley, Shaw, Dixon, Sloane (actually it is your fault Mitch is a villain)
    Trades Done: Ryan to Henry, CEllis to Nic Nat
    Trades Planned: Sloane to Coffield

    Comments: Slip Sliding Away.

    The SC gods teased me with 2 x 2300 + scores in the opening rounds, but now I am in more familiar territory, tyres are flat, pretty deflated.

    Hindsight is a wonderful thing but after 4 Rounds it has already taught me :-

    Defence: Hurley, Laird & Yeo are priced that way for a reason, maybe next time start them, although given Hibberd's form it is still luck getting the right ones.
    Mids: Starting 7 premium mids was probably overload, and looks like missing Banfield and Fogarty, L will cost me especially their casg they will make.
    Rucks: Once Nic Nat was declared fit for Rd 1, it was just dumb dumb dumb starting Lycett.
    Forwards: started 6 "expensive" forwards, McLean, Smith, Siciliy are ticks so far, did not forecast Ryder's injury so that and Marshall are affecting Dixon, Lambert was traded, Papley hanging on by the skin of his teeth....................underestimated Christensen.

    Next year 4-5-2-4, KISS , the rookies will come and remember Rowsus rules, pick your C and VC , settle on your rucks, then pick your rookies and the rest of your team.

    Think the next 2 weeks I will just bring in Coffield, Guelfi and Mirra , build the $$$ and then try and trade and upgrade myself to something respectable.

    19 weeks to go................................................ least the Pies are back
    SuperCoach:  36,136 (2017)  10,332 (2016)  3,893 (2015)  31,285 (2014)  AFL Dream Team:  3,849 (2017)  7,326 (2016)  17 (2015)  5,729 (2014) 

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