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  1. #21
    150 Games Club
    Join Date: 09-12-2013
    AFL Club: North Melbourne
    Posts: 872
    Likes: 659
    Rep Power: 1782

    10 Not allowed!

    Score: 2,241
    Weekly Rank: 15359
    Overall Rank: 94 (from 48)
    Points behind leader: 310
    Heroes: Laird, Fyfe, Mitchell, T.Kelly, Gawn, S.Martin, Silicy, McLean
    Villains: Coniglio, Petracca, Billings, Savage
    Trades Made: Danger/Duman in for Banfield/Holman. Planned at the start of week to be Macrae/Cole
    Trades Planned: Double downgrade, don't know who to give the boot.
    Comments: Was heading for a good week until the St.Kilda v Melbourne game popped around. Still top 100. Nothing more to say.
    SuperCoach:  334 (R8) (2018)  2461 (2017)  AFL Dream Team:  432 (R8) (2018)  2879 (2017)  567 (2016)  6264 (2015) 

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  2. #22
    250 Games Club
    Join Date: 17-06-2014
    AFL Club: Essendon
    Posts: 1,355
    Likes: 1,056
    Rep Power: 3097

    3 Not allowed!

    Score: 2,067

    Weekly Rank: 81,381
    Overall Rank: 3,859 (From 1,106)
    Points behind leader: 743 - a whole lot more than last week

    Heroes: Sicily, Titchell, Fyfe, Laird, Gawn, T Kelly
    Villains: Dixon, Coniglio, Zerrett, Billings, Petracca

    Trades made: Banfield, Murray to Zerrett, Duman
    Trades planned: Whilst I’m losing patience with Billings, likely to remove two maxing rookies for M Crouch or Oliver & a rookie.
    Comments: Shocking week. First week I get to cash in two rookies doing an up down trade and I put in my lowest score of the year!! All 30 players playing took away any looping opportunity but it didn’t cost me much as I went Titch/Gawn VC/C and fielded mostly the right rookies, so can’t blame that. My main culprits were my backline with D2 to D6 averaging 71 and half my forward line with F4 to F6 averaging 52. I somehow managed 3 league wins so not quite the end of the world that it feels like.
    SuperCoach:  12794 (2017)  11391 (2016)  19549 (2015)  27751 (2014)  AFL Dream Team:  1639 (2017) 

  3. #23
    Rising Star Nominee
    Join Date: 20-03-2018
    AFL Club: Collingwood
    Posts: 185
    Likes: 85
    Rep Power: 123

    1 Not allowed!

    Quote Originally Posted by Juzzo View Post
    Doedee, Cole and Kelly are my only rookies on field now.
    Well done, but how the hell do coaches only have 3 rookies on field?
    I have 6. I must be a slow learner.
    Maybe they have started with some midpricers that are doing really well? I've got 5 after trades.. Had 7 on field for round 7. Always seem to have a premium out on the bench lol. Hopefully Lids will be back and only have 5 on field.
    ♥♥ Trust yourself - Create the life - Be magnificent ♥♥
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  4. #24
    Rising Star Winner
    Join Date: 04-01-2016
    AFL Club: Essendon
    Posts: 362
    Likes: 180
    Rep Power: 778

    9 Not allowed!

    Score: 2,264
    Weekly Rank: 10,551
    Overall Rank: 242 (from 200)
    Heroes: Laird, Sicily, Fyfe, Treloar, Mitchell, Kelly T, Gawn (C), McLean
    Villains: Savage's 2nd half, Dusty???, Coniglio, Fisher, me (Trading in Heeney instead of original plan of Macrae!!!)
    Trades Made: Out: Bilbo & Chirso In: Treloar & Heeney
    Trades Planned: Currently Banfield and one of Holman, Finalyson or Murray for Spargo and unsure...
    Comments: Once again my Sunday players let me down! Primed for a big one and looking ok early then Gawn slowed and Savage's 2nd half dropped right off! Was still super annoyed I picked Treloar over Macrae and it cost me some league wins... Upside was, Treloar is no longer "The Butcher" and his possession has picked up so should see those bigger scores again soon... More upside was finally got a 2nd win in SCS02 League and total league is RANKED 2! Massive effort boys/girls?!!
    Value available in the mids this week, but with O'Meara and Kelly at F7/F8 not sure its worth grabbing Zorko, JPK or M. Crouch just yet?!
    Need to find something down back I suspect (either a keeper or chase Cole 1 week too late)...
    SuperCoach:  3721 (2017)  10011 (2016)  14265 (2015)  4641 (2014) 

  5. #25
    Michael Tuck Club
    Join Date: 31-03-2014
    AFL Club: Brisbane
    Posts: 2,310
    Likes: 1,622
    Rep Power: 5664

    6 Not allowed!

    Score: 2,310
    Weekly Rank: 4,503
    Overall Rank: 3,216 (from 5,577)
    Points behind leader: 713
    Heroes: Laird, Fyfe, Mitchell, T.Kelly, Gawn, S.Martin, Silicy, MACRAE (new recruit), Rance, Danger (108 still a tonne), Cole (88 for a rookie - happy i took him over Duman)
    Villains: Coniglio, Billings, McGov, Cripps, Dusty, Heeney (high expectations of these players)
    Trades Made: Banfield/Murray out for MacRae/Cole in - MacRae was very carefully considered over Zerrett, Oliver, Pendles. Happy this week, time will tell. He is somewhat a POD which is great, especially now he's $628k!
    Trades Planned: Finlayson/Holman to Spargo/McLean (bargain at $524 avg 110, plus a good bye)
    Comments: Happy with the week. McLean in this week will leave me with 5 playing rookies plus Billings.
    Playing rookies include Kelly and Doedee who are going alright.
    Very happy with my team ex Billings, and McGov could be doing better but i'll stick fat with both in the hope of a turnaround. Billings back to the 2's could shake him up.
    Considering Zorko or Crouch to round out the mids but think i'll wait and see. R Gray will come in post bye.
    Nearly there.......closing in on top 1000! Still have a decent number of trades.
    Well done to everyone doing well and keep going if you're not.
    As i've said before, trading season separates the boys from the men, as do the byes!!!!
    SuperCoach:  17248 (2017)  24 (2016)  11677 (2015)  494 (2014)  53863 (2013)  35042 (2012)  29338 (2011) 

  6. #26
    Join Date: 22-01-2018
    AFL Club: Collingwood
    Posts: 23
    Likes: 43
    Rep Power: 75

    2 Not allowed!

    Score: 2,129
    Weekly Rank: 55619
    Overall Rank: 17342 (from 14013)
    Heroes: Gawn(c), Sicily, Titch, Laird, Fyfe, Kelly, Hogan
    Villains: Savage, Coniglio, Billings, Petracca, Merrett
    Trades Made: None
    Trades Planned: Banfield out for Spargo, and possibly Billings > McLean
    Comments: Another stinker! Have been all about holding Billings but this is getting ridiculous. Don't want to burn that cash that he's lost but is quick becoming necessary, my forward line is a garbage fire at the moment! Luckily won my main league match by 1 point (unsure how as he had Macrae as captain!) which was a bit of salvation!
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  7. #27
    100 Games Club
    Join Date: 11-04-2012
    AFL Club: Richmond
    Posts: 724
    Likes: 564
    Rep Power: 2983

    3 Not allowed!

    Score: 2,178
    Weekly Rank: 35,366
    Overall Rank: 5,963 (from 4,709)
    Heroes: Laird, Fyfe, Mitchell, TKelly, Gawn (C), SMartin, Sicily
    Villains: JLoyd, Dusty, Conigs, Heeney, Taranto, BILLINGS!
    Trades Made: Out: Walters & Murray In: Taranto & Cole
    Trades Planned: Banfield to Spargo, Holman to ???
    Comments: Rnd 1-3 = 2335avg, Rnd 4-7 = 2130avg. Annoyingly I've had too many premos scoring in that 80-100 range the last few weeks plus Billlings. Hope my luck changes
    SuperCoach:  33088 (2017)  5748 (2016)  2918 (2015)  9010 (2014)  1326 (2013)  8539 (2012)  13881 (2011) 

  8. #28
    Rising Star Nominee
    Join Date: 12-03-2017
    AFL Club: St Kilda
    Posts: 162
    Likes: 209
    Rep Power: 831

    3 Not allowed!

    Score: 2,244
    Weekly Rank: 14,649
    Overall Rank: 2,227 (from ) 2,331
    Points Behind Leader: 657
    Heroes: Sicily, Fyfe, Gawn, Kelly
    Villains: Bontompelli for his late withdrawal
    Trades Planned: Time to get a real 2nd ruck, English's continued low score is hurting!
    Comments: I have 70k cash and cash cows ready to move on.
    Any suggestions for my ruck upgrade? I am leaning towards McEvoy due to his price and historical good record of number of games played.
    SuperCoach:  19,559 (2017)  11,205 (2016)  45,979 (2015)  21,754 (2014) 

  9. #29
    Rising Star Winner
    Join Date: 04-02-2014
    AFL Club: Collingwood
    Posts: 274
    Likes: 287
    Rep Power: 1527

    7 Not allowed!

    Score: 2,253
    Weekly Rank: 12,648
    Overall Rank: 127 (from 88)
    Heroes: Fyfe, Mitchell (C), TKelly, Gawn, Sicily, McLean
    Villains: Savage, Conigs, Merret, Petracca
    Trades Made: O'Meara and Holman for Merret and McLean
    Trades Planned: Maybe English and Crowden for Spargo and McInerney
    Comments: Differnce between my heroes and villains was huge this week but overall an OK week. Big decision this week will be to cash in English or not, at the moment I'm leaning towards doing it because YOLO.
    SuperCoach:  1906 (2017)  5,081 (2016)  18,581 (2015)  7,559 (2014)  AFL Dream Team:  514 (2017) 

  10. #30
    350 Games Club
    Join Date: 16-06-2013
    AFL Club: Adelaide
    Posts: 1,733
    Likes: 734
    Rep Power: 2919

    3 Not allowed!

    Quote Originally Posted by Two_If_By_Sea View Post
    Maybe they have started with some midpricers that are doing really well? I've got 5 after trades.. Had 7 on field for round 7. Always seem to have a premium out on the bench lol. Hopefully Lids will be back and only have 5 on field.
    Yep, you're probably right, I think I'm looking to fill my side with the top line premos all over the field.
    SuperCoach:  16974 (2016)  49k (2015)  7316 (2014)  10k (2013) 

    28606 (2017) 16974 (2016) 49k (2015) 7316 (2014) 10k (2013)

  11. #31
    Coleman Medalist
    Join Date: 24-04-2013
    AFL Club: Carlton
    Posts: 7,133
    Likes: 3,346
    Rep Power: 4730

    4 Not allowed!

    Score: 2,254
    Weekly Rank: 15,586
    Overall Rank: 4,182 (from 5,154)
    Heroes: Captain Gawn, Laird, Naughton, Fyfe, Titch, Oliver, Kelly, Holman, Stef Martin, McLean, Sicily
    Villains: GWS, Savage, Dusty, Zerrett & the one whose name we shall not speak
    Comments: Small rise in rankings so will take that any day regardless of how many points I scored. Did a double upgrade to bring in McLean & Zerrett whose ability to handle a tag is pretty much non-existent. Special mention to Stef Martin who I thought would get demolished by Grundy but held out pretty well. Starting to get worried about Dusty who hasn't scored above 95 since round 4. And I think I have finally lost patience with the one whose name we shall not speak so will most probably move him on this week.
    SuperCoach:  2,083 (2016)  88 (2015)  2,703 (2014)  380 (2013) 

    Best Supercoach Ranking
    Round 23 2015: 88 from 224,129 coaches

  12. #32
    Michael Tuck Club
    Join Date: 21-03-2012
    AFL Club: Carlton
    Posts: 2,047
    Likes: 1,053
    Rep Power: 3642

    2 Not allowed!

    Score: 2,195
    Weekly Rank: 29,040
    Overall Rank: 22,479 (from 24,244)
    Points Behind Leader: 1,154 (current leader 16,343)
    Heroes: Laird, T Kelly, T Mitchell, Fyfe, Sandilands, Gawn, R Gray
    Villains: Coniglio, Dusty, Cripps, Heeney
    Trades Made: Coffield to Duman
    Trades Planned: 2 down, probably Finlayson/Banfield - Ronke/Spargo (vis Sicily)
    Comments: Fairly meh week, after a disaster in round 2 finally crept my ranking better than my round 1 position (22,555). Plenty getting rid of Holman but looking at probably keeping him and Barry for bye coverage in a few weeks time.

  13. #33
    250 Games Club
    Join Date: 25-01-2013
    AFL Club: Essendon
    Posts: 1,251
    Likes: 948
    Rep Power: 3218

    4 Not allowed!

    Score: 2,222
    Weekly rank: 20,337
    Overall rank: 949 (from 700)
    Points behind leader: 537

    Trades made: Murray to Howe, Banfield to Danger
    Heroes: Laird, Sicily, Fyfe, Titch, TKelly, Gawn, Stefan, Gray, McLean
    Villains: Richards, Dusty, Coniglio, Merrett, Parker, BILLINGS
    Trades planned:Undecided

    Meh week, slightly below par. Have dropped about 700 spots over the last 2 weeks. Billings and Parker are killing me right now. It's such an awkward time to consider trading them out too with downgrades needing to be made, wish I could make more trades this week.
    Danger underwhelming, suppose he was lucky to get 108. I am sure he will click soon though and I'd rather have him now than scramble later. Interesting week ahead, would love to let Billings go but would also rather save the trade with no one I don't currently looking like a must have.
    Well done to all those at the pointy end.
    Onwards and upwards, community!
    SC: 20,758 (2017) 5,469 (2016) 34,935 (2015) 21,740 (2014) 16,000 (2013) 5,200 (2012)
    RDT: 1,810 (2017) 6,949 (2016) 2,059 (2015)
    BBL DT: 131 (16/17) 1,949 (17/18)
    BBL SC: 420 (16/17)
    Drafter AFLW: 37 (2017)

    Get Schwifty

  14. #34
    100 Games Club
    Join Date: 07-01-2013
    AFL Club: Hawthorn
    Posts: 611
    Likes: 663
    Rep Power: 1386

    3 Not allowed!

    Score: 2,122
    Weekly Rank: 58,637
    Overall Rank: 2,468 (from 978)
    Heroes: Laird, Fyfe, Mitchell, T.Kelly, Gawn, Treloar, Silicy
    Villains: Billings, Petracca, Lycett, English
    Trades Made: Danger/Duman in for Banfield/Bonner. Planned at the start of week to be JPK/Cole
    Trades Planned: Was planning double down but Billings/Petracca situation now requires decisive action for my wellbeing.
    Comments: Really nothing went to plan this week. Danger was very lucky to get 108 and appears to be nowhere near banging out elite scoring. Passed up Cole because of the cash used on Danger and so eroded my bank. Hibberd has averaged 98 since I traded him out and stuck instead with Billings who never fit my starting player criteria. Have had JPK for last few years and has always given good service but now my mids are full I'd have to trade someone out to get him. Feel last two weeks trades may have derailed my season
    Positives: I've avoided any injury issues other than Petracca one week and Sicily suspension so in theory have a few trades in hand to burn. I will fall behind the upgrade cycle but might be time to get rid of Billings and Petracca purely so I feel better with who is left in my side.
    SuperCoach:  8907 (2017)  3643 (2016)  7666 (2015)  694 (2014)  5029 (2013)  1212 (2012)  31 (2011) 

  15. #35
    50 Games Club
    Join Date: 04-07-2012
    AFL Club: North Melbourne
    Posts: 454
    Likes: 730
    Rep Power: 2984

    5 Not allowed!

    Score: 2281
    Weekly Rank: 7817
    Overall Rank: 286 (from 303)
    Heroes: Mclean, Sicily, Mitchell (VC), Cole, Oliver, R. Gray
    Villains: Petracca, Coniglio, Finlayson, J. Lloyd, Lycett
    Trades Made: Murray/Henry - Dangerfield/Spargo
    Trades Planned: Petracca/Lycett - Grundy/Ronke

    Comments: Week started off not so well with me trading out Henry to Spargo an hour before the opening bounce thinking he wouldn't rise much more from his current price. Cost myself 50 points as i could have taken his score over Fritsch and lost 100k in cash generation. Atleast getting Spargo a week early looks like the correct decision. Dangerfield a bit underwhelming too. Thought he would go massive, Macrae seems like the better alternative but didn't really consider him during the week so cant be too upset. Petracca needs to go, wont be a premium especially with his injury and Viney to come back in. After my 2 trades this week, will have made 11 trades for only 1 true upgrade. Guess that's what happens when you start guys like Merrett, Hibberd, Billings and Petracca. Team after trades this week will look like this;

    DEF - Laird, Sicily, Lloyd, Doedee, Finlayson, Cole (Naughton, Coffield)
    MID - Fyfe, Mitchell, Martin, Cripps, Dangerfield, Oliver, Coniglio, Kelly (Holman, Higgins, Barry)
    RUC - Gawn, Grundy (Olango)
    FWDS - Gray, Mclean, Heeney, Smith, Spargo, Fritsch (Guelfi, Ronke)

    Will still have 19 trades left and 265k in the bank for my remaining 6 upgrades so hopefully a fully upgraded team is still achievable. Hopefully Finlayson can be traded to Simpson next week and Holman wont need to be traded anytime soon so i can keep through the bye weeks. Happy to have moved up a few spots this week

    SCSBotB remains in 4th. Good effort guys
    SuperCoach:  1958 (2017)  19 (2016)  229 (2015)  4659 (2014)  2434 (2013)  11811 (2012)  3350 (2011) 

    Coach of 'Danger Things'
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  16. #36
    Vice Captain
    Join Date: 06-01-2013
    AFL Club: Melbourne
    Posts: 4,977
    Likes: 5,579
    Rep Power: 9523

    8 Not allowed!

    Score: 2,208
    Rank: 5,021 (from 4,666)
    Heroes: Captain Mitchell, Laird, Fyfe, Oliver, T Kelly, Gawn, Sicily, Hogan, Henry
    Villains: BILLINGS, Savage, Lloyd, Cripps, Dusty, Coniglio, Nankervis, Petracca
    Trades Made: None
    Trades Planned: Two rookies out with McLean and Spargo to come in
    Comments: Billings has dropped so much in price that i'm pretty much stuck with him. Wish I had have gone with my initial instincts following his shocker last week which was bringing in McLean for him. An extra 90 points would have been very nice. Petracca clearly shouldn't have played as he was clearly still having issues with his finger. Expecting him to bounce back and hopefully average 90+ from here. Will be nice to bring in McLean this week, he's an SC gun.
    SuperCoach:  5 digits (2017)  5 digits (2016)  3,461 (2015)  54 (2014)  26 (2013) 

  17. #37
    150 Games Club
    Join Date: 11-02-2014
    AFL Club: Collingwood
    Posts: 988
    Likes: 381
    Rep Power: 2714

    4 Not allowed!

    Score: 2,329
    Weekly Rank: 3106
    Overall Rank: 13,452
    Points Behind Leader: to much
    Heroes: McLean , Fyfe, Titch, Laird, Kelly, Max Gawn
    Villains: Dusty, Coniglio , Heeney
    Trades Made: Should have done Curnow to Sicily
    Trades Planned: Banfield for Spargo , Fogarty for Kennedy /Selwood
    Comments:VC on Danger and C on Gawn . Sandilands doing well for me and Mclean very good

    Some poor captain and bench player decisions early have cost me but still breathing
    Last edited by FirstTimer; 07-05-2018 at 9:02pm.
    SuperCoach:  1094 (2017)  ?????? (2016)  8956 (2015)  2167 (2014)  N/A (2013)  N/A (2012)  N/A (2011)  N/A (2010) 

  18. #38
    Join Date: 22-02-2013
    AFL Club: Hawthorn
    Posts: 5,257
    Likes: 4,556
    Rep Power: 9237

    2 Not allowed!

    Score: 2,198
    Weekly Rank: 28,694
    Overall Rank: 3,216 (from 2,478)
    Heroes: Laird, Yeo, Fyfe, Mitchell, TKelly, Gawn, McLean, Sicily
    Villains: Savage, Zerrett, Cogs, Petracca, Curnow for not playing
    Trades Made: Billings to Cole, Banfield to Spargo

    Comments: Bit of a sucky week really. Lost a lot of league matches and some rank. Went early on Spargo = naughty, but he did ok. Hopefully this week will be better!
    SuperCoach:  14,974 (2017)  72 (2016)  22,451 (2015)  2,593 (2014)  33,325 (2013) 

    SC 2018 Round 9 Lesson: what goes yo must come yo and then yo and yo.

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