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  1. #1
    Join Date: 08-03-2012
    AFL Club: Essendon
    Posts: 25,592
    Likes: 13,089
    Rep Power: 10176

    13 Not allowed!

    Score: 1,961
    Weekly Rank: 72,218
    Overall Rank: 41,036 (from 35,831)
    Heroes: Fyfe(c), Gawn, Danger, Gray
    Villains: See comments
    Trades Made: Out: Daniher, English, In: Spargo, McInerney
    Trades Planned: Either double upgrade or Ronke in
    Comments: JOM 45, Spargo 49, Holman 50, Jacobs 51, Billings 54, Doedee 56, Finlayson 61, Murray 65, Gibbs 71, Titch 72, Savage 75, Heeney 78

    12 players below 80 pretty much sums it up but pleasantly surprised i only dropped 6k spots overall considering all the scores i was seeing posted were 200+ pts more.

    400k in the kitty and time to go shopping!


    Template below for ease of copying.

    Weekly Rank:
    Overall Rank: (from )
    Points Behind Leader: (current leader 18,612)
    Trades Made:
    Trades Planned:
    SuperCoach:  50,898 (2018)  1,895 (2017)  4,853 (2016)  5,202 (2015)  479 (2014)  7,684 (2013) 

    Highest overall ranking: 18th (Rd 18, 2014)

  2. #2
    Rising Star Winner
    Join Date: 17-01-2016
    AFL Club: Adelaide
    Posts: 232
    Likes: 153
    Rep Power: 1130

    15 Not allowed!

    Score: 2238
    Overall Rank: 792 (from 1.3k )
    Points Behind Leader: 610, We have virtually the same team except he has Macrae
    Heroes: Lloyd Fyfe (c), Naugt on bench, Gray, McLean
    Villains: All the rookies except Kelly, Fritsch on bench.
    Trades Made: English to Hogan
    Trades Planned: Simpson for Naught, Holman to Phillips
    Comments: Can pick up dusty for under 500k next week. Need to get rid of Merrett, gun but Essendon have checked out and he's been tagged 6 times.
    2 minute supercoach videos -
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  3. #3
    250 Games Club
    Join Date: 25-01-2013
    AFL Club: Essendon
    Posts: 1,251
    Likes: 948
    Rep Power: 3218

    16 Not allowed!

    Score: 2,219
    Weekly rank: 4,414
    Overall rank: 664 (from 949)
    Points behind leader: 587

    Trades made: Fin to Spargo, Richards to Hibberd
    Heroes: Sicily, Howe, Fyfe C, Danger, Parker, Gawn, Stefan, Gray, McLean, Smith
    Villains: Dusty, Zerrett, Heeney, Billings, Hibberd
    Trades planned: Doedee and Holman out, premium defender and rookie in

    Good week, saw me climb back up a little.
    Hibberd back in didn’t work despite a 37 point first quarter, totally overlooked McDonald as an option! Running out cash cows to cash in, really wish I didn’t cash in Fritsch a couple of weeks ago. Holman and Doedee probably the only rookies worth culling, everyone else is deadwood or still growing. Zerrett is a concern, Dusty has been well down after a good start to the season. Great to see Parker bounce back and get off for the bump. Currently have 18 keepers, hoping to add one more this week and then I’ll just need to wait for the cows to mature.
    Hope we continue to have some members at the top. Good luck to all.
    Onwards and upwards, communty!
    Last edited by 30BucketsofRo; 13-05-2018 at 8:43pm.
    SC: 20,758 (2017) 5,469 (2016) 34,935 (2015) 21,740 (2014) 16,000 (2013) 5,200 (2012)
    RDT: 1,810 (2017) 6,949 (2016) 2,059 (2015)
    BBL DT: 131 (16/17) 1,949 (17/18)
    BBL SC: 420 (16/17)
    Drafter AFLW: 37 (2017)

    Get Schwifty

  4. #4
    50 Games Club
    Join Date: 17-04-2013
    Posts: 515
    Likes: 308
    Rep Power: 1562

    16 Not allowed!

    Score: 2184
    Weekly Rank: 8340
    Overall Rank: 61st from 34th
    Points Behind Leader: 309
    Trades Made: Holman/English to Redden/Spargo
    Trades Planned: Double up, either Doedee/Finlayson to Yeo/Simpson/other defender/s or one of them up and a mid up to Danger.
    Comments: Reasonably happy with the week despite avoiding Ronke, fielding Spargo over Fritsch - which basically I just put down to the normal variance involved in Supercoach. I made a mistake in ditching Naughton too early some weeks ago (and that was a genuine mistake, no other way to cut it) but it does show the luck involved in this overall: the Naughton donut will cost someone the overall title at the end of the season without a doubt.

    I also am happy I avoided MCrouch and plumped for Redden instead, who is a stepping stone for me and someone to help me through weeks 13 and 14 of the bye weeks. The Port midfield is a strong one, especially adding mid/ruck Ryder to the mix, and it was hard to see how MCrouch would score really well in a Showdown game, there is also something a bit off with the Crows as well, just not that consistent right now. So I'm happy with my decision making this week and despite "consolidating" behind the leaders the last few weeks have to be content where things are at.

  5. #5
    Vice Captain
    Join Date: 25-03-2012
    AFL Club: North Melbourne
    Posts: 4,041
    Likes: 2,046
    Rep Power: 5168

    13 Not allowed!

    Score: 2,197
    Weekly Rank: 6,671
    Overall Rank: 2,136 (from 2,891)
    Points Behind Leader: 770
    Heroes: New additions Yeo and Ronke!! Gawn (C)!!, Ryan, Fyfe, Danger, Cripps, S Martin, McLean, Smith and Fritsch (bench).
    Villains: Dusty, McGovern, Titch, Zerrett, Henry and Higgins.
    Trades Made: Billings and L Murphy to Yeo and Ronke.
    Trades Planned: Look to strengthen my defense this week i think. Finlayson and Doedee to Phillips and Sicily/Simpson/Howe/Rance/Shaw. Maybe Tom McDonald for a huge POD?
    Comments: Pretty happy overall with a couple of disappointments. Thrilled with both of my trades this week, hope they can keep up the good work. Played Henry and Higgins over Fritsch, cost me 47-63 points. Won all 7 of my leagues which is an added bonus. Heading back in the right direction!!
    SuperCoach:  1,726 (2018)  19,141 (2017)  26,109 (2016)  12,326 (2015)  1,073 (2014)  19,632 (2013) 

    Serve no master but your ambition!!
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  6. #6
    Join Date: 18-04-2018
    AFL Club: St Kilda
    Posts: 33
    Likes: 113
    Rep Power: 289

    14 Not allowed!

    Score: 2,108
    Weekly Rank: 23,980
    Overall Rank: 404 (from 165)
    Points Behind Leader: 523 pts
    Trades Made: OUT: English & Finlayson IN: Ainsworth & Crouch

    Comments: Was 362 pts from the lead last week which seemed obtainable.
    This week set me back a further 161 pts, now very problematic.
    Will maintain a straight course, 1 up 1 down again this week.
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  7. #7
    100 Games Club
    Join Date: 07-01-2013
    AFL Club: Hawthorn
    Posts: 612
    Likes: 665
    Rep Power: 1386

    9 Not allowed!

    Score: 2,082
    Weekly rank: 31,554
    Overall rank: 3524 (from 2468)

    Trades made: Petracca to Spargo, Billings to Mclean
    Heroes: Danger, Gawn, Fyfe C, Mclean, Smith, Treloar, Sicily, Cripps
    Villains: Naughton, Dusty, titch,

    Took my medicine this week getting rid of Billings and Petracca. Having already offloaded Hibberd I sadly have used 9 trades and still have only 14 keepers plus Kelly and Lycett so way behind the pack on upgrading now.
    Have to fix structure this week with 4 playing defensive rookies killing me and Dusty may make way to fund one of two defensive premiums.
    SuperCoach:  8907 (2017)  3643 (2016)  7666 (2015)  694 (2014)  5029 (2013)  1212 (2012)  31 (2011) 

  8. #8
    250 Games Club
    Join Date: 18-09-2012
    AFL Club: Essendon
    Posts: 1,396
    Likes: 839
    Rep Power: 2449

    11 Not allowed!

    Score: 2235
    Overall Rank: 1181 (from 1.9k)
    Heroes: Oliver, Dangerfield, McLean, Sicily, Fritsch, Stef
    Villains: BILLINGS, Doedee, Savage, Heeney, Mitchell, Dusty
    Trades Made: Banfield > Spargo, Christensen > Oliver,
    Trades Planned: Finlayson > Phillips, Doedee > Yeo
    Comments: Team's going well. Billings is really dragging me down... would love to get rid of him but feel it's more important to get a couple more rookies off of the field frst. Might as well just hold him until the bye rounds and "sideways" him to a Round 12 or Round 13 premium at this point. But other than him, can't complain.
    Last edited by jobeywatto; 13-05-2018 at 9:29pm.
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  9. #9
    Dual Brownlow Medalist
    Join Date: 11-11-2012
    AFL Club: Essendon
    Posts: 11,068
    Likes: 7,326
    Rep Power: 13161

    8 Not allowed!

    Score: 2028
    Overall Rank: 2095 (from 869)
    Heroes: Fyfe(c), Gawn, Danger, Gray
    Villains: NAUGHTon, Billings, Trac, Titch, Dusty,
    Trades Made: Out: Finlayson, English In: Spargo, McInerney
    Trades Planned: Billings/NAUGHTon to Ronke/Yeo
    Comments: Got rekt again. Time for some creative trading. I'm eyeing off Rocky and Buddy as targets in a few weeks.
    Supercoach: 3775 (2017) 530 (2016) 1858 (2014) 805 (2013) 4220 (2011) 574 (2010) Real Dreamteam: 74 (2017) 1225 (2016) 335 (2015) 518 (2014)

  10. #10
    Rising Star Nominee
    Join Date: 03-07-2017
    AFL Club: Port Adelaide
    Posts: 156
    Likes: 294
    Rep Power: 1208

    11 Not allowed!

    Score: 2177
    Weekly Rank: 9364
    Overall Rank: 4257 (from 5566)
    Points Behind Leader: 899 (current leader 18,612)
    Heroes: B Fritsch, N Fyfe (C), M Gawn, T McLean, C Oliver, B Ronke, J Sicily, D Zorko
    Villains: J Billings, T Doedee, J Finlayson, M Hurley, T Mitchell, D Martin and C Spargo
    Trades Made: Out: S Murray, B Banfield, In: D Zorko, C Spargo
    Trades Planned: Out: J Finlayson, A Naughton, In: E Yeo, I Cumming/L Murphy

    Comments: Looking forward to welcoming Yeo into the side, hopefully regaining the services of J Kelly and executing the trades of Out: A Brayshaw, J Henry, S Lycett, M Guelfi In: E Phillips, P Ahern, P Ryder and R Gray in Rd 10 and 11.
    SuperCoach:  40295 (2017)  3928 (2016) 

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  11. #11
    Vice Captain
    Join Date: 08-01-2014
    AFL Club: Melbourne
    Posts: 4,380
    Likes: 2,977
    Rep Power: 5085

    10 Not allowed!

    Score: 2208
    Weekly rank: 5455
    Overall Rank: 3799 (from 5837)
    Heroes: Fyfe(c), Gawn, Danger, Sicily, Mundy, McLean, Ronke, Fritsch, Keffee
    Villains: Petracca, Dusty, Tmitch, Zerrett
    Trades Made: Finlayson > Ronke and Holman > Spargo
    Trades Planned: Double Up in Def - Simpson & ?
    Comments: Happy to have both Fritsch & Ronke on field. Traded Naughton out 2 weeks ago, so avoided that train wreck. Keeffe at D6 saved me from a Def donut for the 2nd week in a row. Fyfe as Captain came good after a really slow start. Mundy & Sicily continue to get the job done. Petracca - I have no words....
    Supercoach: 5380 (2017) 6335 (2016) 736 (2015) 5723 & 188 finals (2014) 31696 (2013)
    I need to get Cal Norton Jr in my Team asap

  12. #12
    Join Date: 21-05-2012
    AFL Club: Hawthorn
    Posts: 15,256
    Likes: 4,937
    Rep Power: 5436

    10 Not allowed!

    Score: 2,232
    Weekly Rank: 3,416
    Overall Rank: 1,285 (from 2,135)
    Heroes: Fyfe(C), Gawn, Dangerfield, Sicily, McLean, Fritsch, Oliver, Simpson, McInerney, Gray, Smith
    Villains: Mitchell, Martin, Heeney, Henry
    Trades Made: Billings ---> McLean, Banfield ---> Spargo
    Trades Planned: Doedee ---> Yeo, Finlayson ---> T. McDonald

    Comments: Finally got rid of Billings, what a relief that was, especially with Toby McLean holding up his end of the deal after a slow start. Back up into the top 1,500 overall which I am stoked with, want to keep the momentum going now. Think of removing two of the great rookie DEFs and getting in a near must have in Yeo and a slight POD in Tommy McDonald who is playing brilliant footy and who might eventually be able to link up with Sicily. Still two on field FWD rookies which I want to fix as soon as possible. Extremely happy with McInerney getting through with an 80 odd and a good performance to help as I continue to hold out for Ryder post his bye.
    SuperCoach:  7,008 (2017)  1,940 (2016)  2,715 (2015)  3,063 (2014)  8,473 (2013)  282 (2012) 

    That's What I'm Talkin' About

  13. #13
    50 Games Club
    Join Date: 04-07-2012
    AFL Club: North Melbourne
    Posts: 454
    Likes: 732
    Rep Power: 2984

    15 Not allowed!

    Score: 2313
    Weekly Rank: 465th
    Overall Rank: 100th (from 286th)
    Heroes: Ronke, Lloyd, Sicily, Oliver, Dangerfield, R. Gray, Mclean, Simpson, Lycett
    Villains: Heeney, Cole, Spargo, Doedee, Dusty
    Trades Made: Petracca/Finlayson - Ronke/Simpson
    Trades Planned: Holman/Lycett - Scheer/Grundy

    Comments: Week started off great with Ronke and Lloyd killing it. Alot of my other pods exceeded expectations this week as well. Saturday afternoon i was spewing i didn't go ahead with my last minute switch of Cole to Naughton on field. Thought id lose 30-40 points easy. That's why i love and hate this game. Luck like this can decide your season and there really isn't much you can do about it. Unfortunately i benched Fritsch instead of Spargo to take Ronke's score. Lost 50 points in doing such. Overall i'm in no position to complain compared to a lot of people, things seem to be working out nicely at the moment for my side. Billings, Hibberd, Petracca and Merrett trades to R. Gray, Oliver, Mclean and Ronke have single-handedly saved my year. Every other year i would have been reluctant to trade 'premiums' but after last years catastrophe of keeping Shaw and Treloar all year i vowed to be more aggressive and it seems to have paid off. Said last week i intended to hold Holman but i've changed my mind already. Will be trading to another GC rookie so bye structure isn't affected. Lycett to Grundy seems like the obvious other trade for my side, he just cant seem to score low. If he gets injured or misses a week i'll be in strife with no ruck cover. 5 rookies left on field with 17 trades and 220k in bank. Will look to double downgrade Naughton/Higgins next week and then upgrade Fritsch and Cole to Westhoff and Yeo the following week if everything goes well. Will look to move Kelly and Doedee on in rds 13/14 for bye structure and in the meantime hope they can maintain their current price.

    Bit of a down week for SCSBotB dropping from 4th to 15th overall
    SuperCoach:  1958 (2017)  19 (2016)  229 (2015)  4659 (2014)  2434 (2013)  11811 (2012)  3350 (2011) 

    Coach of 'Danger Things'
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  14. #14
    Rising Star Nominee
    Join Date: 12-03-2017
    AFL Club: St Kilda
    Posts: 163
    Likes: 209
    Rep Power: 832

    12 Not allowed!

    Score: 2349
    Weekly Rank: 153
    Overall Rank: 612 (from) 2227
    Points Behind Leader: 577
    Heroes: Gawn, Howe, Yeo, Danger, Bont, Oliver Gray, McInerney, Waterman
    Villains: Dusty, Heeney and the 3 normally better scoring first year backs, Doedee, Finlayson and Murray
    Trades Made: English to McInererny (awaiting the price adjustments of the better ruckmen and generating cash before selecting my 2nd premium ruck This was suggested by Rowsus and so far is very good advice)
    Trades Planned: Looking at upgrading Murray, but no decision as yet.
    Comments: No outstanding contributors and no disasters. The few slightly better than predicted scorers balanced the under achievers.
    SuperCoach:  19,559 (2017)  11,205 (2016)  45,979 (2015)  21,754 (2014) 

  15. #15
    Vice Captain
    Join Date: 06-01-2013
    AFL Club: Melbourne
    Posts: 4,982
    Likes: 5,581
    Rep Power: 9524

    10 Not allowed!

    Score: 2,138
    Rank: 4,744 (from 5,021)
    Heroes: Captain Gawn, Sicily, Lloyd, Fyfe, Oliver, Nankervis, McLean, D Smith
    Villains: BILLINGS, PETRACCA, Savage, Mitchell, Dusty, Spargo, Henry
    Trades Made: OUT: Doedee, L Fogarty IN: McLean, Spargo
    Trades Planned: OUT: Murray IN: Simpson
    Comments: Real mixed bag this round with some great scores offset by some really poor scores. Have decided I will trade one of Billings/Petracca for Walters once he has returned and has bottomed out. The other will end up as F7. Annoyed at myself for fielding Henry over Fritsch as it cost me 63 points and also 3 league wins. Happy to move up the rankings and back into the top 5k though.
    SuperCoach:  5 digits (2017)  5 digits (2016)  3,461 (2015)  54 (2014)  26 (2013) 

  16. #16
    Dual Best & Fairest
    Join Date: 18-06-2012
    AFL Club: Melbourne
    Posts: 3,408
    Likes: 1,240
    Rep Power: 4771

    10 Not allowed!

    Score: 2,194
    Rank: 5,052 (from 7,193)
    Heroes: Lloyd J, Fyfe (C), Cripps, Oliver, Lambert, Dunkley, Smith D, Kelly T, Gawn, Martin S, Sicily
    Villains: Doedee, Finlayson, Murray, Mitchell T, Martin D, Merrett, Petracca, Spargo
    Trades Made: OUT: Mirra, Billings IN: Oliver, Spargo
    Trades Planned: OUT: Petracca has to go I think, not sure yet if I will punt on Ronke or Phillips
    Comments: Good week I guess, fixed Billings now just have to fix Petracca. Pushed back up to near top 5,000 which is good, but still plenty of work to do and big trade decisions to be made this week.
    SuperCoach:  2263 (2017)  8447 (2016)  292 (2015)  3718 (2014)  3958 (2013)  731 (2012) 

    Coach of the Mighty Goulburn Valley Vikings (SCDL 2015 Premiers and SCDL 2014 Div 2 Runners-up)

  17. #17
    Rising Star Nominee
    Join Date: 18-06-2015
    AFL Club: Collingwood
    Posts: 83
    Likes: 84
    Rep Power: 166

    10 Not allowed!

    Score: 2,163
    Overall Rank: 23,042 (from See Comments)
    Heroes: Macrae (c) Gawn Lambert Taranto Nank Sicily
    Villains: TMitch Dusty Billings
    Trades Planned: Garlett to Ronke, Doodee to Webster (Next up: Rat to Phillips, Murray to Hurley)
    Slowly climbing back from a long way back, was ranked over 60K only 4/5 weeks ago. Simple basic trading (and thanks to much info and input from the many experts on this board), has helped me drag my ranking back to something decent in a short time frame. Big thanks to all the info and tips coming from everyone on this site!

    Overall feeling pretty neutral about how my squad went this week, most premo's stood up and performed although with Laird, Dusty, TMitch and Crouch all under 100 (plus a 0 from an injured Pendlebury), I could've been on quite a big score!

    Taranto, Sicily and Nank continue to be great pre-season selections, but Billings... the less said the better.
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  18. #18
    Michael Tuck Club
    Join Date: 21-03-2012
    AFL Club: Carlton
    Posts: 2,050
    Likes: 1,056
    Rep Power: 3642

    7 Not allowed!

    Score: 2,099
    Weekly Rank: 26,488
    Overall Rank:20,739 (from 22,479 )
    Points Behind Leader: I need an abacus or three to work this out,,,,,1,324 (current leader 18,612)
    Heroes: Howe, Cogs, Cripps, Fyfe, Sandi, Gawn, Fritsch, Sicily, Gray
    Villains: Naughton, Laird, Martin, Mitchell, Heeney
    Trades Made: Finlayson/Banfield - Howe/Spargo
    Trades Planned: Doedee to Danger via DPP moves locked and loaded (might leave it at that), don't like a non playing bench so might do Naughton to Keefe also.
    Comments: Really mixed again with plenty of Villains to go with the Heroes, was going to do two down last week and get Ronke, late change after reading plenty on here saying quite rightly that we should upgrade when we can saw Howe come in. Welcome Jeremy the team looks better with you there. Still looking to keep Holman/Barry for bye coverage, of course Barry needs to get picked again for this to work but he hasn't fully matured yet anyway.
    Small gain in the rankings again, still holding J Kelly leaves mids with only T Kelly to be upgraded and that can wait until Forwards and defs are upgraded.

  19. #19
    100 Games Club
    Join Date: 31-01-2014
    AFL Club: Hawthorn
    Posts: 638
    Likes: 899
    Rep Power: 3795

    7 Not allowed!

    Score: 2,115
    Weekly rank: 17,681
    Overall Rank: 5001 (from 4,695)
    Heroes: Fyfe, Gawn (C), Sicily,McLean, Macrae, Cripps, Nankervis
    Villains: Dusty, Titch, Naughton
    Trades Made: Finlayson > McLean
    Trades Planned:
    SuperCoach:  12621 (2017)  1799 (2016)  36059 (2015)  54421 (2014) 

  20. #20
    Join Date: 13-09-2014
    AFL Club: North Melbourne
    Posts: 7,878
    Likes: 10,381
    Rep Power: 14696

    21 Not allowed!

    Score: 2,339
    Rank: 79 (from 286)
    Heroes: Yeo, Danger, Fyfe (c), Oliver, Grundy, McLean, Mundy, Ronke, Fritsch
    Villains: Spargo over Higgins lost me 2 points, others were common so not worth singling them out
    Trades Made: McGovern and Petracca to McLean and Ronke
    Trades Planned: Double upgrades to compensate for last week's corrections
    My scoring thus far haven't been spectacular by any means, just consistent with not too much variation between my highest (2,391 in Rd1) and my lowest (2,192 in Rd6). That consistent output was rewarded handsomely this round where many teams were hampered with underperforming Premiums and the luck of the Rookie draw. Fortunately, I was on the right side of this luck resulting in my highest weekly rank for the year at 214th (lowest was 19,771 in Rd2).

    It has been somewhat of an odd season trade wise as I've already traded out 7 so-called starting Keepers, mostly due to injury. On the surface, some may interpret that as wasted trades so early on in the season but what's more important from my point of view is who I traded them to which has ultimately placed my team where it is at the moment. Only time will tell whether this strategy was the correct one to adopt given the circumstances, but for the meantime I'm content and comfortable with the approach I've taken thus far.

    Until this round, I've been able to stay in touch without owning any of the big 3 forwards in Gray/Heeney/McLean and don't have Macrae either. Sometimes, who you don't have is just as important as who you own, my 2018 journey to date is testimony to that. Only 2 of my 6 starting forward Keepers have survived and I've actually gone backwards with regards to current Keepers in my team (from 16 to 15). Just goes to show that focussing on overall team balance is probably more important than moving heaven and earth to get a certain 'hot' player whilst our team is in building mode. I've also had my fair share of luck on the on-field Rookies front, along with starting Oliver and Mundy who have more than held up their end of the bargain and the quick and decisive move of Kreuzer to Grundy at the start of Rd2 against more popular options.

    Upon reflection, this was definitely not my best starting side in the 6 years I've been playing this game, yet I'm at my highest overall ranking ever! Biggest change for me this year has been watching more games, with particular focus on players of interest. A more ruthless approach to players carrying any sort of niggles which are detrimental to their output and trusting my read on players and their specific role for their teams.
    Last edited by THCLT; 14-05-2018 at 12:29pm.
    SuperCoach:  9,307 (2017)  15,799 (2016)  1,033 (2015)  6,367 (2014)  8,442 (2013)  AFL Dream Team:  485 (2017)  2,706 (2016) 

    BBL|05 Major Prize Winner
    BBL|06 Member of #1 Ranked League

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