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  1. #21
    Dual Best & Fairest
    Join Date: 18-06-2012
    AFL Club: Melbourne
    Posts: 3,447
    Likes: 1,314
    Rep Power: 4775

    8 Not allowed!

    Score: 2,408
    Weekly Rank: 10,259
    Overall Rank: 6,460 (from 7,500)
    Heroes: Lloyd, Shaw, Simpson, Fyfe, Mitchell (C), Coniglio, Martin S, Heeney, Smith D, Fritsch
    Villains: Kelly, Lambert
    Trades Made: Murray to Ridley and Henry to Heeney
    Trades Planned: I think Smith has to come in, and Kelly has to go before he bleeds any more so Danger will come in, probably Dunkley to be the other traded.
    Comments: Traded the wrong cat, should have traded Kelly instead of Henry, but happy with finally bringing in Heeney this week. Waited a long time to get Danger so this will be the week for sure. The Boaks, Grays of the world will have to wait...
    SuperCoach:  2263 (2017)  8447 (2016)  292 (2015)  3718 (2014)  3958 (2013)  731 (2012) 

    Coach of the Mighty Goulburn Valley Vikings (SCDL 2015 Premiers and SCDL 2014 Div 2 Runners-up)

  2. #22
    Michael Tuck Club
    Join Date: 21-03-2012
    AFL Club: Carlton
    Posts: 2,106
    Likes: 1,098
    Rep Power: 3648

    5 Not allowed!

    Score: 2,203
    Weekly Rank: 55,198
    Overall Rank: 27,234 (from 22,589 )
    Points Behind Leader: I broke my abacus trying to calculate this
    Heroes: New recruit Simmo, Cogs, Danger, Fyfe, J Kelly for playing, D Smith, Heeney
    Villains: Rance, Howe, T Kelly, Sandilands, C Curnow.
    Trades Made: Murray/Brayshaw - Simmo, JJK
    Trades Planned: Not locked in by any means, had a strong idea of what I wanted the Sandi goes and concusses himself and his opponent so will probs miss and I will not carry a ruck donut coming into the byes (English R3). So ATM with reverse changes fully in operation T Kelly/Sandi - May/Ryder
    Comments: A small win and a small loss from trading in JJk instead of Smack who I was keen on all week, win is JJK outscoring but not by enough to be a hero, loss is I now have to trade to cover a Ruck donut. Captain Gawn cost me with seven better options in my team but still can't call him a villain. All in all meh again with a loss in rankings and if not all the reviews I've read here certainly most scoring 2/300 more than me, hoping POD May is good in def.Good luck all

  3. #23
    Vice Captain
    Join Date: 23-05-2013
    AFL Club: Sydney
    Posts: 4,800
    Likes: 3,809
    Rep Power: 6907

    6 Not allowed!

    Score: 2310
    Weekly Rank: 29,583
    Overall Rank: 14,100 (from 13277)
    Points Behind Leader: 1525! (aka 1 Bye round)
    Heroes: Simmo, Fyfe, Danger, Titch, Heeney, Smith, Hogan
    Villains: Buddy
    Trades Made: Brayshaw and Barry to Phillips and Rocky
    Trades Planned: Kelly and ZGL out to Smith and Hall or Rice.
    Comments: Highest score in the year, but still way behind the pack (lost all league games this week...). Got Rocky this week to give me some flexibility, if my trade plans go as expected he'll be M9 by R15. I don't mind my side, just hasn't clicked at all this year!
    SuperCoach:  4020 (2017)  1400 (2016)  1017 (2015)  7654 (2014) 

  4. #24
    Coleman Medalist
    Join Date: 24-04-2013
    AFL Club: Carlton
    Posts: 7,280
    Likes: 3,436
    Rep Power: 4845

    11 Not allowed!

    Score: 2,515
    Weekly Rank: 1,299
    Overall Rank: 3,594 (from 6,194)
    Heroes: Captain Danger, Yeo, Simmo, Savage, Doedee, Fyfe, Titch, Cogs, Gawn, Stef Martin, McLean, Heeney, Devon Smith
    Villains: Tim Kelly, Zerrett, JJK
    Comments: Best score of the season to date and very happy considering I had very little planning over the week due to being overseas. Probably still too far to win the big prize, the main focus will now be to finish within the top 500. Bye planning will be crucial to improve rankings significantly and this will be reflected in upcoming trades. On a side-note, it feels good having finally rid myself of one Jack Billings although his replacement in JJK wasn't too flash.
    SuperCoach:  2,083 (2016)  88 (2015)  2,703 (2014)  380 (2013) 

    Best Supercoach Ranking
    Round 23 2015: 88 from 224,129 coaches

  5. #25
    50 Games Club
    Join Date: 17-04-2013
    Posts: 565
    Likes: 361
    Rep Power: 1700

    3 Not allowed!

    Awesome scores/ranks in here! Nice work, fam.

    Slept all yesterday after watching Liverpool vs Gareth Bale/Karius so missed yesterday's games.

    I'm ranked 285 and dropping like a stone. On the plus side I have 16 trades left and after this weeks trades will be, in theory, 2 players away from a finished team. In practice I'm likely to burn a few trades tinkering with my lineup. I'm definitely bringing in Walters and either RGray or Tarranto are on the block. Had to bring forward planned upgrades to my backline due to orange lights.

    Looking forward to the byes, happy trading everyone.

    Apologies for the non-formatted update, in a bit of a rush.

  6. #26
    250 Games Club
    Join Date: 17-06-2014
    AFL Club: Essendon
    Posts: 1,389
    Likes: 1,103
    Rep Power: 3101

    3 Not allowed!

    Score: 2,276

    Weekly Rank: 37,667
    Overall Rank: 7,426 (From 5,276)
    Points behind leader: 1,299

    Heroes: Fyfe (c), Coniglio, Webster, Lloyd, Savage, D Smith
    Villains: Zerrett, Telly, Sandy, ZGL, Ridley and me for continuing to hold Billings .... surely he won’t keep under his BE all season!!

    Trades made: Naughton & Duman to JJK & Ridley
    Trades planned: T Kelly to T Smith (via Trac) and maybe an upgrade depending on teams.

    Comments: The yo-yo season continues as I revert to my norm! It was always on the cards given I had just 21 green lights before trades (and one of those was at R3). It’s a big drop from 30 green lights two weeks ago ... but I scored better this week!! With 4 out in defence and my swing from mid cover, Coffield also out, I had to abort my T Kelly to Danger plans. Anyhow, onwards and upwards ... 19 trades left with two on field rookies (plus Billings), I plan to trade hard over the next 4 weeks to hopefully not only field a strong team each week of the byes, but come out the other end with a solid team to bring it home for a PB season.
    SuperCoach:  12794 (2017)  11391 (2016)  19549 (2015)  27751 (2014)  AFL Dream Team:  1639 (2017) 

  7. #27
    200 Games Club
    Join Date: 11-02-2014
    AFL Club: Collingwood
    Posts: 1,002
    Likes: 386
    Rep Power: 2717

    4 Not allowed!

    Score: 2428
    Weekly Rank: 7606
    Overall Rank: (1407 from 7358 )
    Points Behind Leader: 1397 (current leader 23,473)

    Heroes: Simpson , Fyfe, Danger, Titch, Heeney, Doedee, Cogs, McLean
    Villains: Cripps , Sicily, Higgins, Stephenson

    Trades Made: Kelly/Banfield to Phillips and Cripps
    Trades Planned: Curnow/Brayshaw to Smith and Treloar or may go Rocky instead of Treloar (Mids then complete)

    Comments: Had a good score Sandilands going of early didn't help final score , won all 5 leagues so happy with that .
    Fell a little behind in last month due to illness but getting back on track now so still a lot of work to do , good luck to everyone for the remainder of the season and congratulations to those with high scores this week

    SuperCoach:  1094 (2017)  ?????? (2016)  8956 (2015)  2167 (2014)  N/A (2013)  N/A (2012)  N/A (2011)  N/A (2010) 

  8. #28
    Join Date: 25-07-2012
    AFL Club: Collingwood
    Posts: 5,503
    Likes: 1,974
    Rep Power: 3341

    2 Not allowed!

    Score: 2,272
    Overall Rank; 19,590

    Heroes: Robinson, Fyfe, Shaw, Simpson, Coniglio + 6 other centurions
    Villians: Seedsman, Sicily, Jelwood , Tom Tom , Howe (new recruit) Gunston

    Trades Made: Murray - > Howe (yuck) , Henry (ouch) - > Phillips
    Trades Planned: T Smith looks the obvious one, JJK, Pendles, Rocky & Son Son are all enticing me

    Comments: After Saturday night I was thinking 2350 - 2400 (which is a good score for me, but still about 150 - 200 behind most people here) , but then the SC gods said NO NO NO, Gunston you can become my worse scoring player, then after surviving anxious moments waiting to see if Tom Tom was playing, listening to the radio they say that Seedsman is too sore to play, grow some balls son, ok that is where the injury was and with no defensive cover , I am thinking Murphy, but nope he flew back to Adelaide the previous bloody donut time.

    So now I am at my lowest rank for the season (so far) reading about how everyone got 2500 + scores.............................congratulations and well done.
    Last year I made up 12,205 spots over the bye rounds and will need to do something similar this season, 6 of my bench did not play so unless they return for the byes my team will be even worse shape than it is now, could move some "deadwood' along but my luck I will be brining in more "deadwood". Hoping Heron keeps his spots and that Ahern, Giro, Wilson etc may debut.
    Still running 3 rookies onfield (Kelly, Spargo, Fritsch) + Dixon so hopefully can work something out, I wonder how cheap Billings is now :-)

    Well done to those close enough to be in range, can make up some amazing points and positions over the byes so don't hold back and go for it, their is only 1 major prize so don't ummm and aaah go hard or go home
    SuperCoach:  36,136 (2017)  10,332 (2016)  3,893 (2015)  31,285 (2014)  AFL Dream Team:  3,849 (2017)  7,326 (2016)  17 (2015)  5,729 (2014) 

  9. #29
    100 Games Club
    Join Date: 18-04-2014
    AFL Club: Richmond
    Posts: 711
    Likes: 719
    Rep Power: 3535

    0 Not allowed!

    I'm tired and worn out. Can someone tell me how I get my previous post back? I refreshed the page and it deleted the 4pm post
    SuperCoach:  5900 (2017)  533 (2016)  10593 :( (2015)  6496 (2014)  24000 (2013)  AFL Dream Team:  4441 (2014) 

    I knew all the rules but the rules did not know me, Guaranteed - EV

  10. #30
    Dual Best & Fairest
    Join Date: 27-01-2014
    AFL Club: Fremantle
    Posts: 3,212
    Likes: 3,205
    Rep Power: 8302

    0 Not allowed!

    Quote Originally Posted by Rickwood View Post
    I'm tired and worn out. Can someone tell me how I get my previous post back? I refreshed the page and it deleted the 4pm post
    My post is gone aswell?
    SuperCoach:  8293 (2017)  10922 (2016)  9214 (2015)  653 (2014) 

    I miss the old colours.

  11. #31
    100 Games Club
    Join Date: 18-04-2014
    AFL Club: Richmond
    Posts: 711
    Likes: 719
    Rep Power: 3535

    0 Not allowed!

    Quote Originally Posted by freowho View Post
    My post is gone aswell?
    Comfort in numbers I guess? My 2 posts in other threads are also gone
    SuperCoach:  5900 (2017)  533 (2016)  10593 :( (2015)  6496 (2014)  24000 (2013)  AFL Dream Team:  4441 (2014) 

    I knew all the rules but the rules did not know me, Guaranteed - EV

  12. #32
    Join Date: 08-03-2012
    AFL Club: Essendon
    Posts: 26,222
    Likes: 13,523
    Rep Power: 10659

    1 Not allowed!

    Very strange! I’ll see what I can find when I’m on a pc. No idea what happened there though
    SuperCoach:  22,073 (2018)  1,895 (2017)  4,853 (2016)  5,202 (2015)  479 (2014)  7,684 (2013) 

  13. #33
    Join Date: 08-03-2012
    AFL Club: Essendon
    Posts: 26,222
    Likes: 13,523
    Rep Power: 10659

    0 Not allowed!

    Sorry guys, they've vanished into thin air. Still working behind the scenes to see if anyone knows anything but from what i can see (or can't see) they're gone for good.

    If anyone else has noticed their posts missing, please let me know!
    SuperCoach:  22,073 (2018)  1,895 (2017)  4,853 (2016)  5,202 (2015)  479 (2014)  7,684 (2013) 

    Highest overall ranking: 18th (Rd 18, 2014)

  14. #34
    250 Games Club
    Join Date: 25-01-2013
    AFL Club: Essendon
    Posts: 1,280
    Likes: 984
    Rep Power: 3222

    3 Not allowed!

    Score: 2,319
    Weekly Rank: 27,541
    Overall Rank: 1,910 (from 1,194)
    Points Behind Leader: 958 (current leader 23,473)

    Trades Made: Coffield to Phillips, Cogs to Crouch
    Heroes: Fyfe, Heeney, McLean, Smith
    Villains: Howe, Sicily, Parker, Zerrett
    Trades Planned: ZGL to Smith, TKelly to Walters

    2 poor weeks in a row to top off an underwhelming month. Was sitting at 252 this time last month and have dropped 1300 places in the last 2 weeks - poor trading by me.
    Decided to 'manufacture' a POD with Cogs to Crouch which failed this week but I'm hoping this will work to my benefit in the long term. Parker and Zerrett especially have been poor choices so far but can't really fault my logic at the time for starting/trading them in and am still hopeful that they will turn it around.
    Looking to bring in Walters and Rocky this week and next. Will probably take Walters first to bolster the forward line, allowing me to watch Rocky for one more game to see whether Rocky genuinely looks something like himself.
    Glad that most of SCS had a big week! Keep pushing regardless of where you are.

    Onwards and upwards, community!
    SC: 20,758 (2017) 5,469 (2016) 34,935 (2015) 21,740 (2014) 16,000 (2013) 5,200 (2012)
    RDT: 1,810 (2017) 6,949 (2016) 2,059 (2015)
    BBL DT: 131 (16/17) 1,949 (17/18)
    BBL SC: 420 (16/17)
    Drafter AFLW: 37 (2017)

    Get Schwifty

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