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View Poll Results: How many trades do you have left before making any in rd 14?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bomber18 View Post
    Oliver clearly ahead for mine. Think he could go at 110-115. Treloar/Kelly seem to be more at that 110 mark. Oliver always plays inside mid whereas the others occasionally rotate fwd. I think Olivers down games came due to injury as well
    Quote Originally Posted by Ben's Beasts View Post
    Yep agree with Sho.

    Oliver ahead of Kelly and Treloar for me. Kelly and Treloar very hard to split.
    Quote Originally Posted by Prochard View Post

    Had the same order 2 weeks ago when I traded in Kelly ahead of the other 2.
    Thanks gents ... a bit to consider here. I almost always pick the proven player in this situation, and I think Treloar is clearly ahead on that bsis, but maybe the other two have shown enough to be considered to have ticked that box as well. I will give it some more thought.
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    Quote Originally Posted by quite ironic View Post
    Currently sitting at 161st overall and weighing up a few options:

    I have 19 playing this week (if Mclean plays, or if McLean doesn't and T.Smith does) before upgrading Doedee, so likely have 19 or 20 playing depending on Mclean/T.Smith.

    I have already pulled the trigger on 1 trade:
    (Murphy -> J.Smith)

    But am weighing up a few other options:

    Attachment 4035

    Option 1:
    Out: Doedee, Savage
    In: Hurley, Wingard
    50k in the bank with 6 trades left (would give me 21 playing this week (if Mclean plays) and allows a McInerney -> donut, Holman ->Oliver/Kelly upgrade next week to finish the team)

    Option 2:
    Out: Doedee, Mcinerney
    In: Wingard/Hurley/Gunstan, Donut
    Leaves around 150k in the bank and gives me 20 playing (if McLean plays), the trade the week after would likely be T.Smith or someone to a donut (fwd/mid to be able to loop Rockliff/Merrett via the Donut) and Holman -> Kelly/Oliver.

    Option 3:

    Out: Mcinerney, Doedee
    In: Donut, T.McDonald
    50k in the bank and gives me 20 playing (if McLean plays). This means a more potent forward line but makes upgrading Holman next week to Oliver/Kelly a fair bit harder as I would have to sacrifice Guelfi (F7) probably.
    The flip side is Rockliff at M8 is quite good atm and I don't have a loop to get Rockliff on the field right now unless Giro/Ahern get dropped).

    I seem to think option 1 is better than 2 as it gives me an extra playing this week and pretty much results in a really similar team and the same plans next week too.

    Option 3 gives a much more completed forward (Hogan as the worst rather than Wingard) but then means my defense has someone like Savage rather than a T.McDonald.

    Would love some thoughts, if people get a chance.
    You're in a great position, well done.

    I think it depends what your goal is, but if you want to maximise your chances of winning, you need to add PODs in my view, and preferably ones who could go on a run for you. My suggestion:

    - Don't compromise your picks too much for one bye round (just do the estimate of what gets you the most points from here), but
    - Try to get points on ground first and foremost (ie, don't worry about your bench cover so much until your on field side is how you want it - if you're going to win or place, luck will need to go your way with injuries anyway, so don't worry so much about guarding against injuries ... bench players should arguably be more for looping in your situation, especially with trades in hand)
    - Look to add either guys with a good loophole draw and a good ceiling (the Rocky of old would be perfect) and/or DPP (Westhoff would be good if he wasn't popular), and maybe most importantly
    - Bring in guys who can go on a run, but who others ahead of you don't have ... especially if you could jag some huge VC/C scores out of it. I'd consider Gaz, Selwood, Neale, Zorko, Curnow, TMac (low ownership, but maybe not in the top sides?), Crisp, Menegola, Duncan, Rance, McGovern, Waite, Gunston, maybe Darling once he's back, and any KPFs that have a favourable draw and a history of 150+ scores.

    There's a fair chance I'll bring in someone like Oliver this week, but I'm just trying to get the best rank possible because I'm well out of the hunt. If you want to have a good crack at it, I think it's less about bringing in the best scorers now and more about bringing in the type of players that can help you make up ground quickly, especially if the popular picks misfire ... they will likely need to misfire for you to crack the top ten, so you might as well position for that outcome as best you can and hope the cards fall your way. Someone like Oliver doesn't do much for you on this basis, as much as he might be a good pick for those of us just trying to improve our rank.

    Best of luck.
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    Quote Originally Posted by quite ironic View Post
    Thanks mate! Much appreciated.

    I’m of the same thought that being a Port supporter it looks like we’ll keep using Wingard through the midfield heavily which he has thrived on playing his last two matches.

    The only issue is, is Savage to Wingard a bit sideways? It means my defense is complete and allows me the following moves though..

    Next week:
    Out: O.Mcinerney, N.Holman
    In: Olango (Donut), Kelly/Oliver

    Leaving me 4 trades and a team of:

    Laird, Lloyd, Sicily, Yeo, Simpson, Hurley (J.Smith, Duman)

    Fyfe, Mitchell, Danger, Treloar, Kelly/Oliver, Cripps, Coniglio, Merrett (Rockliff, Ahern, Giro)

    Gawn, Nic Nat (Olango)

    Heeney, McLean, Gray, D.Smith, Hogan, Wingard (Guelfi, T.Smith)

    I could then go Guelfi to Billings straight swap leaving 3 trades for injuries for 6 rounds of footy.

    Alternatively, if I did the McDonald or Westhoff move with McInerney donut this week, I’ll lose 1 scorer this week but could bring in Dusty or a cheaper mid for Holman next week with a T.Smith downgrade to a donut.

    It probably comes down to would you prefer:

    T.McDonald (F6), Dusty (M8), S.Savage (D6), 102k Donut (F8)


    Wingard (F6), Oliver/Kelly (M8), M.Hurley (D6) + T.Smith (F8)

    I know they wouldn’t necessarily sit at those positions price wise but they are the options vs each other for completion of the lines.

    That’s what it’s looking like coming down to.

    I seem to like the 1st line better but I’m not sold on T.McDonald.. is he really going to kick another 25.4 for the rest of the season, because that extreme accuracy is definitely inflating his scores and I’m not sure it’s 100% sustainable. Hurley showed he can average 103 as a key defender all last year and has just seemed to take a couple of games to adjust back into the new game style (with Neeld gone).

    Would love some other people’s thoughts on my opinions of these guys:

    T.Mcdonald - scoring accuracy of 25.4 being unsustainable and feel he is over priced for what he’ll score the rest of the year. Also has never proven yet he can average 100+ for consecutive periods at a time. A good team helps his scoring though. Feel he is a 95 average from here.

    Hurley - feels like a risk in the new game style but has the proven track record. A **** team doesn’t help him though. Feel he is a 95 average guy from here though.

    Westhoff - feels like when Port win he scores large and when they don’t he doesn’t, which is like most players but being such an uncontested player he can rack up disposals. Feel he is more a 90-95’s average guy though.

    Wingard - the role is crucial. If he continues to play 90/10 mid/fwd splits he is a 95 average guy imo. The problem is I feel he is one bad game from switching with Gray to the 40/60 mid/fwd role that Gray is playing right now.

    Savage - he seems so hit and miss. Saints have an easyish draw from here but he doesn’t seem to score big at all lately especially with the rise of Webster. Even when Webster was out on the weekend he only got 65ish DT. Not sure what their game plan is but he doesn’t seem as hungry as Lloyd or those blokes to get touches anymore like he used to. Worried he could be an 85-90 average from here on in.

    Dusty - like Danger just not the same scorer this year. Doesn’t seem to play as much pure mid nor want to really explode. Feel like Richmond’s game style is more built around team work since late last year. Have heard good internal sources saying he’s been carrying a lot of injuries and was only fully fit last week. However, he still battled especially the first half to have any influence and like Danger is lacking that explosive play that he had last year. Feel like he is a 100-105 average from here.

    Oliver/Kelly - reckon both are jets and still underpriced. Could see both averaging 115-120 from here quite easily.

    So where does that leave me? A lot is dependent on the roles, especially that of Wingard and Hurley. If I go that route, I feel it’s more risk but more upside and POD than other top rank coaches.

    I am $1,000 off Hurley and Gunston this week which tears me apart because I would’ve felt a lot safer with those two but feel like I should bite the bullet (pending teams) and go Wingard and Hurley giving me 21 this week if Mclean or T.Smith play and 21 + a fwd/mid loop between T.Smith and Ahern if T.Smith plays as well as McLean.
    I dont think I would be looking Savage to Hurley or Wingard. Doesnt feel there is any standout D5-6 who are up there with D1-4. I have Savage and Hurley, need to see Hurley post a 110 or two to be comfortable he is fully back. Wingard looks interesting to me if he stays in the mids and will likely come in this week, maybe with TMac rather than Bont (who may get Jacobs tag).

    Too many defs posting 70-80 and the odd high score such as Simpson. TMac has done it a little more consistently.

    You would be best placed though pushing a Savage to D7 and looping with another player (incl Wingard if swing set of Sicily/TMac works) to build some depth. Think maximising onfield at expense of depth with only ok sideways trades at this time fo the year is fraught with danger, given the amount of injuries that tend to come in the last half dozen games.
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    A good coach doesn't blame his starting team…………trade, trade, trade……

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    One of my mate, a very versatile fantasy sport coach who has reached the summit before and is on the verge again in the RDT format recently told me the following which I feel is apt to share here...

    'The best POD to have is the highest scoring team at the end of the day, don't just focus on a player individually rather look at the overall output of your team as a whole.'
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