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    *10 fantasy footy clubs in SCS Forum Draft League

    *player list for each club limited to 33

    After a poll and vote was run it was decided 33 players for our squads is the number and we'll have 3 emergencies named each round with dual position players able to fully utilize their versatility in this format.

    Each round we submit a team of 22 players we also would be submitting 3 emergencies as back up. Dual position players can cover for late withdrawals and the emergencies that come in for late withdrawals will simply be the one that optimises your final team score best for that round.

    *Main draft order determined by random method in early January in forum thread.

    *In-Season Mini-Draft orders determined by reverse ladder order on week of mini-drafts
    (mini-drafts are non-compulsory and have up to 3 picks each when de-listing players from your original list of 33)

    4 mini-drafts after rounds 3, 6, 9 and 12.

    The game was started as aimed to develop our own Draft Style League with bigger size squads and more depth to it than SC Draft site game and can start draft earlier in pre-season before SC website opens up.

    It was started just for a bit of fun in off season with the idea of running a draft in a forum of Supercoach enthusiasts where we have no access to SC site until well into February.

    During the actual footy season the plan was each AFL weekend we just submit our teams to the public forum before 1st game of weekend with our designated emergencies named aswell. We just submit our team of 22 players and 3 emergencies for round and see how our teams do over weekend.

    We would find some way to do scores ourselves by each Monday. We could take it in turns updating the ladder or scores of matches at end of round if there was about 10 of us playing.
    Then as coaches we check our scores the following Monday when usual AFL matches are all over, then sledge away at each do match reviews, best and fairest club voting etc.
    We just need 10 players that want to have fun and be involved and test our drafting wits against each other. With 10 teams each can play each other exactly 2 times and have 4 weeks of finals and fits perfectly with AFL season.


    Fantasy Drafts are run as follows:

    Draft starts by each coach in designated order selecting an existing AFL player where each player can only be selected once.
    This goes through rounds of a pick for each club then the second round is done in reverse order and so on until a full 33 rounds are
    Each coach lists the AFL players name and AFL players club when they chose their pick in official draft forum thread.
    Once a coach has confirmed their pick this way the next person can make their pick in the thread. Prefer coaches to
    copy and paste the previous picks of draft order from the forum and fill in their pick where the blank spot for their pick
    was. This makes it easier for everyone to identify players chosen already and reduce chances of coaches mistakenly picking
    a player that already been taken by another fantasy club coach and waiting for them to get online again to fix their mistake.
    It is up to each fantasy footy club coach to keep up to date with what players have been taken already and pick from the pool
    of talent still available from all the 18 AFL club lists.

    A coaches squad needs to consist of players from all various positions that fills a 22 team each week. It is recommended as
    a guide to draft your players to fill a likely needed qouta of 9 defenders, 12 midfielders, 3 rucks and 9 forwards but the
    exact choice, order and flexibility you allow for your list is up to you. Just make sure you give it enough thought that you
    have some cover to fill a positional team of 22 each week.

    No trading during the draft when we start. Trading of players can only happen once we have drafted a full squad of 33 players each.


    Each fantasy football club ideally makes their own page or forum thread and write a description of their home ground, club mythology or inspirations, ex stars from the club, their squad and pretty much anything you like, you own the page! Makes it that bit extra fun :-)


    Allow for trading once main draft is over and can trade up till round 1 and between rounds but trading for season ends after round 15 and no trades allowed for rest of season once round 16 begins. After much discussion we decided on some form of self-governing trading system with a pending process for trade deals to go through that lasted anywhere from 24 hours to 48 hours depending on if a vote was needed to approve or dis-allow a trade deal announced by two or more clubs in trading transaction. Can discuss trades openly on forum or in private messages between coaches but not finalized until notified in forum and acknowledged.
    Any trades agreed upon between two coaches over private messages needs to be posted and acknowledged by both parties in a SCS forum thread highlighting it is for the FDL (forum draft league) in the subject heading. If for some reason several coaches think the proposed trade is unfair we'll goto some poll vote to decide if it is formally allowed to be an official trade by the league as a whole.
    Then if trade passes pending process the trade becomes official and new players can be chosen for their new fantasy club home in following round. To get a trade completed between rounds means mid week announcement of deals is best timing to allow pending process not to spill over into weekend time when AFL round starts. Given the minimum time a trade can be in pending process before official approval is 24 hours it means trade deals announced later than 7pm Thursday nights would be too late to have a trade fully completed and new players placed in team submission by usual deadline Friday night. The deadline for team submissions is 50 minutes before 1st AFL game of round so any trade deals not fully announced to all league coaches by 24 hours before 1st AFL game of weekend starts cannot be approved until following week to play for new club. It basically means treat your Sunday evenings and Mondays as main nights to get trade negotiations started upon and any deals agreed upon try to announce ideally by tea time Wednesday or at very latest Thursday tea time.
    If you strike a deal and announce it later the trade will only be considered to be processed for the following round after that weekend. The pending status for deals struck that late in week will not start until the 8am of the following Monday morning for normal AFL scheduling.

    In the back end of season after round 15 is completed and preparation for round 16 team is finished , no trading activity will be approved so integrity of finals campaigns is not compromised.
    No more trades in the season will be allowed once FDL round 16 matches begins.
    The reasoning for this lock placed on doing trades in last part of season is so teams heading towards finals campaigns cannot be changing dramatically all of a sudden. The main part of game is to live and die on our drafting successes or blunders.

    Other factors that should be considered for all trades is no club can have more than 33 players on their list at any one time and also we will make the lower limit a club can drop to as 28 players on their FFC list.
    Once a trade deal is struck the agreement is announced as a new post into each clubs home thread and clearly show the players exchanged in the deal and any mini draft picks if included in trade deals. Preferably it be a new post in that thread so all coaches can find easily and be aware of new deals struck across the league.
    It is evidence of the time the deal was acknowledged by you as struck with another FDL coach.
    In any case a new posting must be made *also* in the official SCS FDL Trade Discussion thread by one of the coaches involved to make it easy for other coaches to find new trades happening. All efforts should be made to make it clear of when the trade begun it's pending status.
    Once a trade is pending the coaches involved cannot change their mind and back out of a deal.

    No more trades in the season will be allowed once FDL round 16 matches begins


    These drafts are a way re-fresh your list if you have long term injuries causing your list management hassles, not finding much success with trading or previously drafted poorly and need to correct the balance of your list. All AFL players that are not listed in any of the SCS FDL club lists are free agents in the draft pool at the time.
    It was decided that we would run four mini-drafts during the season.
    The 4 mini-drafts are non-compulsory. You get as many picks determined by how many players you announce you are de-listing from your player squad of 33. Once you de-list those players they go in the draft pool for any FDL club to draft into their club. You can re-draft players just as AFL clubs do if you wish.
    After rounds 3, 6, 9 and 12 of FDL we would take time to allow for refreshing lists and adding any players we all overlooked up till then.
    You can de-list up to 3 players and therefore have up to 3 draft picks to fill your player list up to 33 again. The choice is up to you if you de-list players and want to be involved in those mini-drafts. The order of those draft picks will be in reverse ladder order based on the round just completed at those times of the fantasy league season. If we can organize it we will aim to run these mini-drafts on a week day evening live session in forum. These drafts should not take too long and be quite quick and fun to complete like the pre-season draft the AFL runs in December each year. Kurt Tippett was picked up this way by Swans.

    Non-compulsory drafts so don't have to de-list any players if completely happy with your list of 33.


    Every round, yes.. need to pick 8 midfielders, 6 defenders, 6 forwards and 2 rucks... that is your 22...
    then 3 emergencies to cover for any late withdrawals.

    Pick your 22 from your squad of 33 players. So just draft so you got enough for each position you think you need. i.e. if you only draft 5 defenders you cannot field a team properly and will be playing with 21 players so naturally you need to draft at least 6 of them... but if you only want to draft 8, that is up to you but will probably leave yourself short at some stage in season.. so better to draft a few dual position players so you get good coverage all over ground is one suggestion.


    A captain and vice captain are denoted within the team sheet with a capital C in brackets after their name or VC.
    Captain scores double points and VC is simply back up captain just in case the Captain never plays on weekend.


    There are no rolling lockouts in FDL. Once a FDL team is submitted for a fantasy round, no other players outside the 22 can play unless one of your named
    emergencies for any late withdrawals from AFL teams for the weekend round.
    Normal AFL rounds will mean each fantasy football club can have 3 emergencies named on team sheet.
    However there are some rounds in AFL season where games start earlier than a Friday or finish with a Monday game. This poses a bit of a challenge to pick our teams for fantasy rounds where normal AFL schedule for a round is altered.
    For non-standard AFL rounds we will be allowing 5 emergencies each club in team submissions as a fantasy league to cater for so many unknowns when picking players available to play in our teams. As a result we make any round where it does not fit the standard Friday night to Sunday evening schedule be considered a non-standard round and to simplify things those rounds each FDL club gets to name 5 emergencies.


    Finals Series (top 5 if a 10 team league)
    4 weeks of finals to run from round 20 to round 23 of AFL season
    In 10 team league it would run as follows:

    Week One (rd 20 of AFL season)

    4 v 5 Elimination Final (winner advances to 1st Semi-Final, loser eliminated)

    2 v 3 Qualifying Final (winner advances to 2nd Semi-Final, loser to 1st Semi-Final)

    Week Two (rd 21 of AFL season)

    1st Semi-Final
    Loser of Qualifying Final v Winner of Elimination Final
    (winner advances to Preliminary Final)

    2nd Semi-final
    1 v Winner of Qualifying Final
    (winner advances to Grand Final, loser to next week prelim final)

    Week Three (rd 22 of AFL season)

    Preliminary Final
    Loser of 2nd Semi-Final v Winner of 1st Semi-Final
    (winner advances and meets winner of 2nd sem-final the last week into Grand final)

    Week Four (rd 23 of AFL season)

    Grand Final
    Winner of 2nd Semi-Final v Winner of Preliminary Final
    (premiership goes to winner, loser suits themselves as runner up for season)


    Our Fantasy Draft League won't be having any byes.
    We'll be playing every week of AFL season including the 3 weekends the AFL have multi-bye rounds.
    Whilst the AFL call those three weeks of football 3 different rounds we will be playing and submitting our teams for just two *Fantasy football* rounds over that period of football season.

    The MBR's we'll be playing 2 rounds of fantasy league matches but takes the 3 weekends for all the AFL clubs to play 2 matches each in that time.
    Our fantasy league won't be having the multi-bye rounds dictate too much change from flow of fantasy football club season. (example skipping them altogether or playing with less numbers in those 3 weeks)
    The easiest way of dealing with it was just to treat those 3 weekends as simply 2 fantasy rounds of games that take a full 3 weekends to play out.
    Obviously the tricky part of this is you need to submit your line-ups in those two fantasy football rounds but some players for AFL clubs playing a game the following weekend you will not know at the time so a bit of forecasting which players are likely to play the next weekend will have to be part of it. This means emergencies on those two fantasy football rounds will be the most important of the season as you are probably picking a team of 22 without being 100% sure of all the players likely to play. As a result we make an exception and increase the emergencies for those rounds to 5 to help deal with that challenge
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    Play as Yarrawonga Wizards Fantasy Football Club in a salary cap keeper league and coming off our 2nd premiership as Pirates in FDL

    In Supercoach in 2015 ended about 15K in rankings from memory.

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    Note this post is now just historical for basic description of how a Draft League game got started in this forum at start of year 2013.

    We called it Forum or Fantasy Draft League and simply refer to it as FDL in general.

    Some of the ideas from this quickly thrown together game in pre-season of 2013 have been advanced on for the next season.

    The 2014 version of FDL is now including a more realistic team structure with traditional football team set up of key forwards, key defenders and just the 1 on field ruck position that the thrown together 1st version in 2013 lacked.

    FDL in 2014 is a version of draft fantasy footy that has custom "Oz" built positional eligibility for each AFL player that allows for a more traditional aussie rules football team structure. As a consequence, it differs from the simplified Supercoach restriction of less positional categories than really exists in a game of Australian Rules Football. The 1st season of FDL was a great success in terms of fun and engagement of all 10 members that played.
    In 2014 we have branched out to have two versions of draft games on here. We have formed a 2nd league that is more attached to the 1st seasonal draft league game and as such it has become known as SuperCoach Draft League or SCDL for short. It keeps the same positional format that was played in first season of fantasy draft league football here and keeps the same positional eligibility for AFL players that the popular salary fantasy footy game Supercoach has. To find out more about SCDL you can go into the sub-forum of that name. Damoz will be the league commissioner of SCDL in year 2014 and is well versed in the origins of the 1st season of draft leagues here. You will also find coach of strong first season club South West Warriors is also playing SCDL in 2014.

    For the 2nd year version of FDL that advances on ideas from 1st version of FDL you can find more info in the sub-forum of Fantasy Draft League (FDL).

    A big thanks to our forum owner Jay for making this all possible by kindly creating two sub-forums in which to house both draft leagues on the SuperCoach Scores site.
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    Play as Yarrawonga Wizards Fantasy Football Club in a salary cap keeper league and coming off our 2nd premiership as Pirates in FDL

    In Supercoach in 2015 ended about 15K in rankings from memory.

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